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The single coolest Topps baseball card from every year: 1951-2018

In honor of National Baseball Card Day on Aug. 11, we're selecting the coolest baseball card from every year since Topps' first set in 1951. Rather than simply focus on the most famous or valuable cards, we asked some of the best minds in baseball to provide us with their favorites. It could be because of a great photo, a hilarious story or just a personal memory they have with the card.
So, if you want to see the funniest, weirdest, most expensive or iconic cards in history, you are just a click away. Then, come back on Saturday when selects the 10 coolest Topps cards of all-time. 
Click on the buttons below for each decade.
Bob Costas, known for carrying a 1958 Mickey Mantle with him everywhere he goes, shared his favorite cards of the '50s: 

The voice of the Mariners, Dave Sims, handled the '60s: columnist Joe Posnanski was handed the very weird and long-haired '70s: 

A panel of baseball card nerds, who grew up on wax packs, teamed up for the '80s: 

Mike Oz, host of "Old Baseball Cards" on Yahoo Sports, handled the '90s: 

Writer and Nick Swisher superfan Chris Olds took on the first decade of the new millennium: 

And Beckett's Brian Fleischer broke down the most recent cards: