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These are the five Players Weekend caps we're most excited to see

This weekend will see Major League Baseball take part in the first-ever Players Weekend. Designed to let fans see the personality of their favorite stars, players will wear bright and colorful jerseys with nicknames printed on the back, along with cool shoes and cooler bats. Of course, that also means there will be some new, colorful caps on display. 
There was a sneak peak of it on Sunday when the Cardinals and Pirates donned their Players Weekend garb for the Little League Classic.

Sure, some traditionalists may rankle at the bright colors and more cartoon-y logos, but they can soothe themselves with the knowledge that this is for one weekend. The rest of us can enjoy the popsicle-like explosion of color and good times. 
Before all 30 teams take the field, here are the five best caps. Click here to check them all out and buy your team's gear
5. Rockies

Those purple mountains majesty, man. Purple is also a woefully underrated color -- after all, if it's good for kings and queens, it should be good enough for all of us. Embrace your grape dreams with the Rockies. 
4. Twins

Baseball fandom is largely predicated on where you grew up. The Twins combined their local roots, mixing their unique Twin Cities logo with the whole state of Minnesota. 
3. Cubs

One problem with having an absolutely gorgeous and historic ballcap like the Cubs usually wear: There's little room for fun alternates. Enter this bright blue cap that's perfect for the ballpark or the postgame rave. 
2. Pirates

Not only is it a bright and vibrant yellow -- something you rarely see in any major professional sport -- but it features the classic Pirates logo from the '70s. It's the best Pirates cap this side of the pillbox. 
1. Orioles

Put simply: The Orioles' bat-swinging bird may be the greatest logo in the history of logos.