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The Mets hit so many homers that they broke their home run sculpture

The 2019 Mets are that thing that never seems to go away no matter how close things look to being over. They're Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper, in the form of a baseball team. 90 percent of the time they look like they're on their last legs, but catch them during the other 10 percent and it looks more like destiny than doom.

Right now, the Mets are in the midst of a moment of the latter. On Thursday, they completed a four-game sweep of the D-backs to put themselves back in the thick of the race for the NL's second Wild Card spot. After hitting only two home runs through the first two games of the series, the Mets have slugged 11 home runs combined on Wednesday and Thursday to not only complete the sweep, but hammer home a point as well.

It's come at a cost, though. Every time the team hits a home run at Citi Field, the Home Run Apple in center field lights up and rises up to celebrate the achievement. After catcher Tomás Nido hit the team's fifth dinger on Thursday afternoon, the sculpture decided it had enough.

The apple wasn't the only thing the Mets home runs broke on Thursday. In the third inning, Juan Lagares' grand slam broke broadcaster Gary Cohen's voice.

The Mets are obviously too hot right now. Look no further than how hard the Home Run Apple has had to work in center field. This is the Mets, so they're always just a play or two away from being similarly frustrating. But, watching them now, it's hard to see them as anything besides a team of destiny.