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The Phillies grounds crew tried to dry the field using blowtorches

The Phillies and Nationals will play a doubleheader Tuesday after Monday's scheduled game was postponed due to unplayable field conditions. But, it wasn't because of lack of effort or ingenuity that the field wasn't ready for the game. 
The Phillies grounds crew pulled out all the stops and even got some help from Bryce Harper, who assisted with raking duties:

As it turned out, raking wasn't enough to get the field ready. But, necessity is the mother of invention, so the grounds crew went back to the drawing board and came back with blowtorches. The best part? They lit them the same way you lit that Bunsen burner in sophomore year Chemistry class:

This isn't the first time grounds crews have had to think outside the box to get a field ready. In 2015, the Angels flew in a helicopter to act as a giant fan to dry the field. 
Desperate times call for desperate measures.