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Bryce Harper's glasses make him the newest member of baseball's fashionable history of specs

(Alex Brandon)

Bryce Harper joined a very special and exclusive baseball club on Saturday. After having issues with his contacts, Harper wore his clear plastic frames on the field and will now and forever be a member of the brotherhood of bespectacled ballplayers. It's a club that stretches all the back to Will White, who forever changed the game when he donned glasses while pitching for Brooklyn and Cincinnati from 1875-1886.
The eyeball aids have since run the gamut in style and function, from Specs Toporcer's pioneering style as the first outfielder to wear spectacles in the field to the 1970s aviator look favored by fashion icons Kent Tekulve and Reggie Jackson. And then, there are the iconic goggles worn by Chris Sabo. When you think of it, one of the most popular pieces of the baseball uniform -- the flip-up shade -- is a spectacle as well. 
Today, we honor the heritage of the great equalizer, the eyeglass. The same thing that enabled you to read the board in middle school also helps ballplayers throw strikes and bash dingers. 
Find your favorite pair below and revel in the glasses glory:
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