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Fans attending the Angels-Tigers game were witness to a literal wild goose chase during the rain delay

Teams often utilize the video board to keep fans entertained during rain delays with a mix of trivia, games and highlight reel packages. The Tigers didn't need to do any of that during a delay in Wednesday's 6-1 win over the Angels. That's because a goose flew down from Canada and hung out on the field while the two teams stayed dry from the rain. 
That meant before play could resume, there was an actual wild goose chase.

While chasing the occasional squirrel or cat is good fun, those animals lack the ability to fly. This time, the chase was a little more comical, as the bird easily evaded his would-be captors when he took to the air before landing again in the infield. 

Unfortunately, the run seemed to tire the goose out and, as he tried to leave the park, he flew into one of the scoreboards and fell into the crowd. Have no fear, though: A fan took the animal to Tigers team employees, who released the healthy rally goose from the park. 

It wasn't the first time Angels manager Mike Scioscia dealt with flying animals on the field.
"I had a duck as a pet growing up, and he was always running around when we were playing wiffle ball in the backyard," Scioscia said. "They're a beautiful animal. It looked like me trying to get off the ground with the wings for a while. He had about six inches of altitude, but he finally got up."
Shohei Ohtani, who started for the Angels, dug the interloper, too. "I thought the goose was kind of cute."
If it ever returns, hopefully the Tigers will dress the goose in a uniform and it'll inspire the team to a shocking World Series appearance. After all, according to Baseball-Reference, six players have been nicknamed "Goose,' with Goose Goslin and Goose Gossage being the most famous. 
Matt Boyd is already on board: