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Chase Utley's first career hit was an extremely Chase Utley grand slam

When you think of Chase Utley's career, three things probably come to mind. First, the bat: Utley put up a 127 OPS+ from 2005-2013, and his 259 career homers are the seventh most ever by a second baseman. Second, the effort: He's willing to do whatever it takes to help his team win, up to and including getting plunked by a fastball. And finally, the timing: He always seems to make the plays when it matters, from a pennant race to the postseason
Given the above, we would like to posit that Utley's first career hit -- in a win over the Rockies at Veterans Stadium back on April 24, 2003 -- is the single most Chase Utley play of all-time. Allow us to present the evidence.
Exhibit A: It was a grand slam, because of course it was.

Exhibit B: He celebrated as only Utley could -- by flying around the bases on his home run trot.

According to our calculations, Utley went home-to-home in 16.3 seconds -- which would be tied for the fifth-quickest in the Statcast era, behind only Billy Hamilton and Home Run Speed Demon Adam Rosales. Some things never change.