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This Minor Leaguer traded out his walk-up song for a meme remix

Clint Coulter (12) OF Milwaukee Brewers March 19, 2018, Dodgers - Brewers AAA game 03/19/2018 at Maryvale Baseball Park in Maryvale, Arizona. Freek Bouw - Phrake Photography (Freek Bouw - Phrake Photography)

Unless you avoid memes like the plague, you've probably come across the viral sensation known as Walmart Yodel Boy. The clip of 11 year-old Mason Ramsey yodeling in a store in Southern Illinois dressed in some top notch cowboy garb has taken the internet by storm over the last few weeks.
But if you thought Walmart Kid was a meme on the decline, think again. It's now made its way into one of America's most wonderful and important traditions: Minor League Baseball walkup songs.

Yes, that's an incredible video of Brewers prospect Clint Coulter walking up to an EDM remix of Walmart Yodeling Kid. Now that we've seen this, it's only a matter of time before we see a Minor League walk up to the Fortnite loading screen music.