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Tiffany Haddish met her Yankees superstar crush and then promptly 'friend-zoned' him

It's been long-documented that actress Tiffany Haddish wanted to meet and date baseball superstar Giancarlo Stanton. And who wouldn't? He's extremely rich, he's incredibly handsome, he plays baseball for the New York Yankees and he hits lots and lots of monstrous dingers.

And finally, on Thursday night, it happened. Haddish and Giancarlo crossed paths. But instead of proposing on the spot, Haddish did a complete 180 and sent the former MVP to a land nobody wants to go to: The friend zone.

What the hell happened? They look pretty happy. She looks happy. Look at that nice blue jacket. That sparkly dress. They were made for each other. This can't be the end. Why can't things ever work out? Does love exist?

I'm going home to cry.