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The 5-foot-6 Tony Kemp celebrated some Astros home runs by picking up his teammates

Have you ever been so excited that you simply must pick something up? No? Well, then you're not Astros outfielder Tony Kemp. During the Astros' 7-2 victory over the Indians in Game 1 of the ALDS, Houston's offense showed off some serious firepower with four home runs. 
And the 5-foot-6 Kemp knew the best way to celebrate: Lifting his teammates off the ground. 
When Alex Bregman started the scoring with a home run in the fourth inning, Kemp was there to lift him toward the heavens: 

And when José Altuve followed George Springer's fifth-inning home run with one of his own, Kemp was there, too. This is like something out of "Titanic."

I especially enjoy Altuve's blank stare ahead. 
While Kemp didn't try to lift Springer or Martín Maldonado, we'll give him a pass. After all, there's a limit to what one man can do -- even after postseason home runs. Now we'll just wait for him to add a weight belt and open a Tony Kemp & Sons moving company in the offseason.