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Trevor Bauer is thankful that Manny Machado went to the National League

A lot of people are happy Manny Machado signed with the Padres on Thursday. Obviously Padres fans are thrilled to have one of the best players in the world on their team. Presumably Machado is happy, or else he probably would have gone elsewhere. Padres players -- especially Austin Hedges -- are happy that their team got better
It turns out Machado's signing has also made some pitchers happy, namely the ones who won't have to face him very much anymore. Machado spent most of his career with the Orioles wreaking havoc on American League pitchers. On Saturday, one of those AL pitchers -- Trevor Bauer of the Indians -- showed his appreciation for Machado's decision by thanking him in person:

With the AL Central rival White Sox as one of the rumored leading suitors for Machado's services, fortune really smiled on Bauer this winter. As he noted, though, between the All-Star Game, Interleague Play, and the postseason, he's not entirely rid of the experiece of facing the Padres' new star.