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Trevor Hoffman took selfies with the street sign that was named after him and it was fantastic

Padres / Twitter

In his third year on the ballot, Trevor Hoffman found himself elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The 18-year veteran reliever earned seven All-Star selections across his illustrious career and was the third player to don a Padres cap on his plaque at Cooperstown. Needless to say, he's earned every honor that has come his way -- even having a street named after him.

Yep -- Trevor Hoffman Way is now a thing, and naturally, the 50-year-old had to take a selfie with his new street sign. And he did not leave us disappointed:

That's impressive -- it appears he doesn't have one bad side. Just check out the final products:

"Being able to drive down the street I come in every day and where I finished some of my runs when I was a player, and is now named after you is pretty cool," Hoffman told's Katie Woo.

It sure is.