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A Twins Minor League team tried the hidden-ball trick ... and it worked!

We've seen the hidden-ball trick attempted many times, (but probably less than we'd like), on the MLB level. Usually it doesn't work, but sometimes -- during the best of times -- it does. It happened during a Minor League game last year and, in the fourth inning of Tuesday's game between the Rochester Red Wings (Twins Triple-A) and Charlotte Knights (White Sox Triple-A), Red Wings third baseman Jermaine Curtis pulled off the move once again:

The team was pretty excited.

And Henry Robinhuserwoozer and crew will be proud.

Image result for Rookie of the Year hidden ball trick gif

Curtis talked to postgame about the moment -- explaining he and starting pitcher D.J. Baxendale didn't say "one word" to each other and just knew what each was thinking. 

"They had a rally going, and I figured it was the perfect time," Curtis said. "I try at least once or twice a year, and it usually works best when there's a big situation. There was a runner on first and second, they hit a line drive into left. I went to cut it off at third base, and so it was bases loaded. The score was 4-3 at that time with one out, so I knew it was a big situation and no one was paying attention to me."

Here's Baxendale:

"I gave up the hit, and I noticed the guy wasn't going to score, so I kind of shut it down," Baxendale added. "I was in between home and the pitcher's mound. Jermaine caught the ball and kind of gave me a look and then gave me, like, the air throw and put the ball in his glove. I noticed that the coach (Knights manager Mark Grudzielanek) and the guy on third base weren't really paying attention, so I fake caught it and tried to slow walk around the mound, act like I was regathering myself."

Charlotte still ended up winning the game, 5-3, but Kevan Smith, the Knights baserunner, might never take a lead again.