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Michael Cuddyer delighted and shocked Eddie Rosario with some magic in the Twins clubhouse

2015 marked the end of Michael Cuddyer's playing career, as the two-time All-Star wrapped up a 15-year run as a valuable asset for the Twins, Rockies and Mets, good for a 17.9 WAR.

But even beyond his skills on the diamond, Cuddyer has a significant special talent: A proficiency for magic. Now an instructor with Minnesota, Cuddyer brought his traveling magic show to the team clubhouse on Friday, where he busted out some seriously slick magic/sleight-of-hand, all at the expense of Eddie Rosario.

Looks like that was your card, Eddie!

All in a day's work for Cuddyer, who's shown a knack for this sort of thing before ...

The man has a gift.