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Two young Angels fans spent a Mike Trout at-bat waging a war with thundersticks

Thursday night's showdown between the Red Sox and Angels in Southern California was a tense affair. With Boston up, 1-0, in the sixth, Mike Trout was facing off against Boston lefty David Price. A mere swing of Trout's potent bat could tie things up, but these two young Halo fans had other things on their minds ... much to the chagrin of their parents: 


Then again, maybe these young gentlemen were motivated by Trout's presence (as we all are), and that energy was channeled into an aggressive skirmish with inflatable plastic tubes that can only play out as it did above.

Trout may not have hit a homer in that at-bat, but the Halos wound up with the win after plating two runs on a Hanley Ramirez throwing error to head home walk-off winners, 2-1. If those kids were still at the ballpark at that point, it's probably safe to assume another thunderstick war broke out in celebration.