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Leonys Martin literally stuck to the bag with this slide

The advent of instant replay reviews helped ensure that the right calls are made on close plays. A strange side effect has been how tag plays have been fundamentally changed. With high-def cameras and ultra slo-mo, infielders are taught to leave the tag on in case the runner pops off the bag for even the tiniest split-second. 
Well, now the runners are adapting. Leonys Martin showed that off with his amazing abilities to stay on the bag during Monday's 6-1 win over the Astros. Running on the 3-1 pitch in the bottom of the sixth, Martin beat the throw with a pop-up slide. With too much momentum, Martin then went into a Chevy Chase pratfall. Somehow he kept his foot on the bag. 

Not only will that beat the camera's eye, but it apparently defeated all known physics as well.