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Watch the Orioles get ready for a Spring Training day by swapping faces on Snapchat

Haven't you always wanted to know how a club gets ready during Spring Training? Luckily, we got a sneak peek (thanks to Snapchat Day) into the secret morning rituals of the Orioles. Now we know that they start prepping lunch before most of us have eaten breakfast and they eat seafood even when they're far from Baltimore:

But most importantly, we learned that Kevin Gausman would make ... well, we were going to say "cute puppy," but I think we mean "puppy from the uncanny valley." 

After all, haven't you always wondered what Manny Machado would look like with Jonathan Schoop's face, and vice versa? Don't you want to see what happens in the frame after this one? (You do -- it's pretty exciting.)

All you have to do is watch the clip at the top of the post. And for more, be sure to follow the rest of MLB's day on Snapchat. Just take a photo of the QR code you want to follow (zoom in!), then open Snapchat and choose the "Add by Snapcode" option under "Add Friends."