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Josh Reddick fought the sun … and the sun won

Here's the thing about challenging the sun -- you will almost always lose. Sure, sometimes people get lucky (we see you, Alcides Escobar ), but far more frequently, they don't. During the Dodgers' 8-4 win over the Pirates on Saturday,Josh Reddick became the latest player to be defeated by the great big ball of fire in the sky.
In the fourth inning, Gregory Polanco hit a fly ball down the right-field line, and thanks to the sun, Reddick couldn't quite make the catch:  

But since the ball bounced out of play, Polanco stopped at second base with a ground-rule double. 
What, you may wonder, is the moral of the story? Is it that every cloud, or in this case, solar flare, has a silver lining, since Polanco didn't end up scoring? Is it, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again?" After all, Reddick did manage to redeem himself in the top of the eighth: 

Sorry, no. It's that the sun will eventually defeat us all. Unless you're this very smart lady: