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Vin Scully, Bill Murray, Nick Offerman, David Ross and more from MLB's night at the ESPYs

(Chris Pizzello)

On Wednesday night, the biggest stars from across the world of sports gathered at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles for the annual ESPY Awards, and as you'd expect given what happened last postseason, there was plenty of MLB to go around.
When it came time for the Best Moment Award to be handed out, it obviously went to the Cubs -- and two superfans appeared onstage to accept the award on the team's behalf. Those fans were comedians Nick Offerman and Bill Murray (who quipped "108 years is hardly a moment") but their speech was interrupted by none other than Grandpa Rossy himself, distinguished "Dancing With the Stars" alum and October hero David Ross, with some expert comedic timing: 

Actor Bryan Cranston, a Dodgers fan, was tasked with doling out the Icon Award to Vin Scully, the legendary announcer who stepped down from the broadcast booth in classy fashion at the end of last season.
Naturally, Vin's acceptance speech was warm and self-deprecating -- he remarked that, "I don't have a relative in the world who would make that kind of trip," referring to Cranston's NYC-to-LA trek for the ESPYs.
Oh, and Scully also let out his trademark phrase, for old time's sake: 

In addition to the moments seen above, the Best MLB Athlete Award was handed out to none other than the Angels' Mike Trout. 
All in all, a pretty good night for MLB.