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Vladimir Guerrero got his own well-deserved star on the Boulevard of the Stars in the Dominican Republic

Vladimir Guerrero is a star. The slugger, whose swing inspired awe for years and sparked nine All-Star appearances along the way, is enshrined in Cooperstown for his accomplishments. 
This weekend, Guerrero received another prestigious award when he was bestowed with a star on the Boulevard of the Stars in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. As you'd expect, it was shiny and fitting for someone as explosive as Vlad was as a player for 16 seasons with the Expos, Angels, Rangers and Orioles: 

Just look at that thing:

The next time you find yourself in Santo Domingo, pay a visit to Winston Churchill Boulevard and check out this slick tribute to one of the game's most fearsome hitters. 

Congralutations, Vladimir!