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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is already receiving enormous ovations at Raptors postseason games

It has not taken Vladimir Guerrero Jr. a long time to make an impact on the Toronto sports scene. Just a day after making his long-awaited MLB debut, he was holding a fan's baby for a photo request before Saturday's Blue Jays game.

Totally normal for a 20-year-old, right? Well, when you're Vlad, it is.

After notching another hit in the afternoon game, the rookie stayed in the area for the first game of the Toronto Raptors' conference semifinals postseason series against the Philadelphia 76ers. The moment the fans started to notice that Guerrero was entering the vicinity, they went wild.

The adulation didn't stop there.

The Raptors mascot presented Guerrero with his own customized jersey, and when the cameras showed him on screen, the place went berserk.

To top it all off, Guerrero got to see the Raptors pull out a 108-95 win to take an early lead in the series.

How did the Raptors first celebrate the victory on social media? With a Vladdy GIF, of course.

Game recognize game.

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