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Alex Cobb yelled at Steven Souza Jr. for trying to interrupt his in-game dugout interview

Ah yes, the old "throw sunflower seeds at the guy who is being interviewed in the dugout routine." We've seen it many times. So many times in fact, Alex Cobb had seen it enough and made sure Steven Souza Jr. stopped tormenting him with the redundant act.
During the Rays' 9-6 win over the Yankees on Thursday night, Cobb was participating in an in-game dugout interview with the broadcast team. The sunflower seeds began trickling in, compliments of Souza Jr., and after a while, Cobb -- clearly willing to give his teammate as much of a hard time as he was getting himself -- had enough and asked the outfielder to quit.

"Stop," Cobb said to Souza Jr. "Just stop. It's a tired act, we don't need it."
But he didn't stop.
He kept tossing the seeds, while a local law enforcement officer stood in the middle of the two. He wasn't there to break them up, but you can see by the smirk on his face, he enjoyed the show.

Cobb managed to complete the interview without that much of a hitch.