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Watch Alex Colome learn that he was selected to the All-Star Game

Getting called into the boss' office is always terrifying. It doesn't matter if you're a mid-level office manager, a telecommuting sales whiz or, yes, a professional baseball player. So when Rays pitcher Alex Colome was called into manager Kevin Cash's office, he likely was still a little apprehensive despite his sub-2.00 ERA.  
Fortunately, Cash didn't string him around for long. The skipper quickly told the Rays closer that the meeting was all good news, for the right-handed hurler was going to this summer's All-Star Game presented by MasterCard in San Diego. And while the reliever tried to play it cool, you don't need Dr. Cal Lightman from the canceled drama "Lie to Me" to see the excitement and relief wash over his face. 

It's the reliever's first All-Star appearance and surely the culmination of a lifelong dream.