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Gerardo Parra gave a sideline reporter a makeup lesson with some cork eyeblack

It's always fun to watch the media interacting with the players they're covering. Especially when it involves a makeup lesson.
On Sunday when the Rockies hosted the D-backs, AT&T Sportsnet's Marc Stout was giving an interview and there was a certain addition to the on-camera makeup we are used to seeing. He was sporting eyeblack that was placed by Rockies outfielder Gerardo Parra himself.

According to Stout, he and Parra had been talking about the cork eyeblack in the clubhouse before the game. The outfielder later confirmed with Stout that he wanted the eyeblack under his eyes, and used a lighter to light the cork to give the full ashy effect.
He can pull off the look, and if it helps to give the Rockies an edge, he said he would do it again on Monday. Let's just hope it's not too difficult to wash off.