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Watch Jake Arrieta's son Cooper show off some of his own baseball skills

The offseason doesn't necessarily mean there are breaks. And while spending time with their families during the downtime is important, ballplayers are still finding ways to incorporate baseball into their daily activities. This was especially true when it came to the Arrieta family.
Recently, Brittany Arrieta, wife of free agent pitcher Jake Arrieta, took to social media to show off some of their son Cooper's baseball skills.
You see, Cooper is a huge Dude Perfect fan -- a group of guys that get together to combine everything awesome in sports and comedy. They've thrown out ceremonial first pitches and Tyler Saladino even participated in one of their famous trick shots. They're a blast to watch.
Young Arrieta wanted to show he has some tricks up his sleeve as well. He tossed a ball through a frisbee hoop that was thrown in the air with little effort … he must have done this before.

Impressive. It's awesome to see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.