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Watch new Braves slugger Ryan Schimpf collect a save while in Triple-A

Ryan Schimpf does two things very, very well: He draws walks (his career walk rate would have ranked 20th in the Majors last year) and he bashes home runs. (He may very well be good at other things like cooking or cutting hair or balancing a checkbook, but unfortunately we don't see those things on the field.)

However, there's a chance the Braves didn't just acquire Schimpf for his power out of a middle infield spot. Maybe they want the patient and powerful infielder to be the next two-way player after Shohei Ohtani and Anthony Gose .

Why? Here's the proof: The date was May 19, 2015, and Schimpf was playing for the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons while in the Blue Jays system. After entering in the 11th inning holding a 5-4 lead, Schimpf recorded two outs and walked the bases full -- surely because he loves drama and not because he had trouble getting guys out. 

He fell behind Carlos Moncrief 3-1, pumping up the drama. Moncrief then smashed the ball way, way out of the park. Fortunately for Schimpf, it was also foul. One pitch later and the second baseman induced a popup to center field. One game, one save: Born closer. 


Position players pitching may have become more common in recent years, but rarely do you see them in close games, or ones their team has a chance of winning.  Click here to watch the clip. 

(h/t @Minor_Leaguer)