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An infield blooper led to complete confusion for both Rays baserunners and the Blue Jays infield

Nothing we say could be more outlandish than simply describing what took place in the top of the seventh of Monday night's Rays-Blue Jays game, so here we go.
Trailing, 2-1, the Rays got a rally going with men on first and second and nobody out. Corey Dickerson hit a little blooper in front of second baseman Ryan Goins. Peter Bourjos, thinking that Goins was about to catch the ball on the fly, quickly got back to second base and stayed there. Just one problem: Goins had actually caught the ball on a bounce.
Seeing this, Daniel Robertson began running from first to second -- all while Bourjos remained unaware of the entire thing. What followed was an extremely weird encounter at the second-base bag, with Bourjos thinking he was safely on-base, Robertson trying to sneakily avoid the force-out and Goins just wondering what the heck was happening:

Eventually, after a video review, the umpires correctly ruled that Bourjos should remain at second, Robertson was out trying to advance to second and Dickerson was safe at first. Just like they drew it up.