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Yadier Molina threw a rosin bag in Adam Wainwright's face and gleefully pointed to the camera

Yadier Molina better be careful: He chose a very powerful prankster enemy in Adam Wainwright .
After the Cardinals defeated the Rockies, 6-3, on Wednesday night, Molina saw his chance. He grabbed the rosin bag and with the practiced ease most commonly seen from a middle infielder turning a double play, flipped it into the right-hander's face. (Given the slick skills he displayed here, maybe we shouldn't be surprised). 
But the best part came next. Molina knew he was on camera and he pointed to it with gleeful pride. It seemed like he was saying, "Now, now, Adam. You can't get me back because you're on TV."

Unfortunately, that quick thinking may also mean we'll never see how the pitcher gets back at his battery mate. We'll just have to assume it'll involve a locker filled to the brim with dust storm-creating baby powder.