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The Yankees dressed up as superheroes for kids on HOPE Week

The Yankees might have been rained out on Thursday, but that doesn't mean that their days have been unproductive. In fact, some of them already had meaningful days by noon.
On Thursday morning, a group of Yankees visited children with pediatric brain cancer as part of the team's annual HOPE Week initiative. There was a catch, though -- they were all dressed as superheroes.

The roll call featured:
He's a spitting image of Tom Holland.
The Yankees were also joined by Amber Sabathia, Rosmaly Severino, general partner Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal, and volunteers from A Moment of Magic, who all donned Disney princess outfits or other superhero attire.
Perhaps most amusing of all was seeing Cashman, the team's GM, addressing the players while dressed as Spidey:

Cashman even joked that he would keep the outfit. "I was walking down the hallways in it yesterday around the office," he said. "My favorite month of the year is October -- hopefully because it's October baseball for the Yankees -- but Halloween is awesome."
We can only hope that "Saturday Night Live" makes a digital short with these Yankees superheroes at least somewhat similar to what they did in 2003.