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Baseball's biggest free spirit just wrapped up the best offseason ever

When Yasiel Puig arrived in the big leagues in 2013, it become apparent very quickly that he wasn't your average ballplayer. Six years, six NL West titles, dozens of bat flips (and bat licks), and two trips to the World Series later, Puig has firmly established himself as one of the most entertaining figures in all of sports. He has certainly made some enemies along the way, but Puig has made even more friends thanks to his uninhibited free spirit that never ceases to spread joy, on and off the field.
But for all the fun we've seen Puig have on the field, we've gotten only glimpses over the years of what he likes to do when he's not at the ballpark. Until now.
As Puig begins his first full-squad workouts with the Reds this week, the book is officially closed on the best offseason ever. There was no such thing as #NoOffseason for Puig, who seemed to be having some sort of fun nearly every single day since the season ended -- while still finding time for some intense workouts along the way. 
Here's a recap of all the fun he had over the winter:
He visited his native Cuba and danced like no one was watching

He threw himself a great birthday party featuring a mariachi band and a whole lot of paella

He was traded to the Reds, reuniting him with his best friend and hitting coach Turner Ward

He acquired some Reds gear extremely quickly

He went to Hawaii and had an amazing time

He went to the dentist and documented the whole thing

He met NBA star Joel Embiid and looked tiny for once

He visited Cincinnati for the first time as a Red and insisted he wasn't that cold

He arrived to Spring Training early and made a good first impression

Obviously, everyone is thrilled to have Puig back on a baseball field. But weirdly, we are also already eager to find out what he has in store for next offseason. We can wait, though!