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Yasiel Puig deemed the frigid polar vortex of Cincinnati 'not that cold!'

If you weren't aware -- or if you're somewhere on the West Coast where it's been a balmy 60 degrees or so lately -- most of the United States is experiencing a "polar vortex." 
Several cities across the Midwest have hit records or come close to making history with some seriously cold temperatures this week. Cincinnati on Wednesday night hit three degrees Fahrenheit, driving most folks inside in search of warmth. 
Yasiel Puig is not "most folks." 

Talk about standing in the face of some real weather -- very unlike the kind he experienced in Los Angeles on a daily basis for all of his career up to this point -- and saying, "not so bad!" 
This was posted to Puig's Instagram story hours after he visited Great American Ball Park, which was blanketed in snow, and checked out the Reds' planned series of alternate jerseys for the upcoming season.

Safe to say Puig's having no trouble getting acclimated to his new surroundings in Cincy ...