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Yasiel Puig got his hands on some silly string and now no one is safe

Over his years in the Major Leagues, Yasiel Puig has proven capable of turning literally any situation into A-grade shenanigans. What you thought was just a quiet morning at home is now a community theater production of "The Little Mermaid." What you thought was a regular at-bat in the middle of a long season is now -- wait, is he licking his bat?

That endless potential for delightful chaos is why we're extremely pleased to report the following: Puig has discovered silly string.

His Reds teammate Jose Iglesias was just minding his own business, talking to MLB Network about his impeccable fashion sense. Little did he know that Puig was waiting with a can of silly string and bad intentions.

We're not sure how much of the stuff Puig has in his possession, or just what he plans to do next, but we do know that we're on the edge of our seats.