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Yonder Alonso went undercover to prank fans at TribeFest

After a breakout season that saw Yonder Alonso go to his first All-Star Game, en route to a career-high 28 homers, Cleveland signed him to replace long-time Indians player Carlos Santana. Which meant it was time for fans to get to know their new slugger. Rather than wandering around Cleveland's FanFest with a name tag on -- introducing himself as if he were at a job fair -- he decided to put on a wig, hat and glasses to blend in. 
It worked a little too well: Not only did no one recognize the first baseman -- even when he stepped into the cage -- but a team employee even tried to get the seemingly overenthusiastic fan to get off the stage. Perhaps his best highlight came when he ran into his teammates, who failed to recognize him: 

Click on the video at the top of the post to see the whole thing.