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Mike Zunino tapped into newfound 'dad strength' to homer in his first game as a father

2019 has been a season of change already for Mike Zunino. After six years with his original team, the Mariners, he was traded to the Rays and took his talents to Tropicana Field. The season wasn't even a month old when the catcher was tasked with an even greater challenge: becoming a father.

Zunino left the Rays on paternity leave on Friday and returned with a big new addition to his family.

Although Zunino had slumped through his first 14 games with a .560 OPS, he had a new purpose when he got the start for the Rays in their 6-3 win over the Royals on Monday. In the seventh inning, he faced Brad Keller with one on and one out. Before the game, Zunino said that he was hoping for some "dad strength" to help him out.

It did:

It was Zunino's first homer of the season. Someday, little Rhett is going to look back on this long ball and smile.

What will Zunino's next act of dad strength be? Going deep again? Opening a tight jar of applesauce? Blasting Bruce Springsteen from mediocre speakers in a car that only operates on stick shift?

We can only guess.

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