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At Bat This Week

  • Collect your first WORD OF THE WEEK PACK with the rewards and discussion guide for this week.
  • Welcome players and teach them about the Junior Giants philosophy and noncompetitive spirit.
  • Have all participants and volunteers sit in a circle and introduce themselves by sharing their name and favorite summertime activity.
  • Junior Giants is more than just baseball! Have players take turns reading through the Player & Parent Handbook to learn about the various programs.
  • By simply doing this, all players have now reached 1st Base in the Round the Bases Reading Program! Pass out bookmarks to all players.
  • If any of your players haven't completed the Strike Out Bullying Pledge yet (located in the front of their Player & Parent Handbook), take the pledge together and reward them with a sweatband!

Word of the Week Talk

Begin a team discussion by asking players the following questions:

    T-Ball (5-6 years old)

    Define the word "teammate": a member of the same team as somebody else

    1. What is a teammate?
    2. What is something a good teammate would say to others on the field?
    3. What is something you see Giants baseball players do that you want to learn this summer?

    Minors (7-9 years old)

    1. What does a good teammate do?
    2. Who have you seen be a good teammate?
    3. What are your goals for this season?

    Majors (10-13 years old)

    1. How does being a good teammate affect the entire team?
    2. When was a specific time that you were a good teammate? When was a specific time that someone was a good teammate to you?
    3. What would you like to accomplish this summer? What do you want to focus on?

    End of Practice

    Introduce the Junior Giants Baseball Cards

    • Junior Giants Baseball Cards are designed to give coaches a tool to discuss the Word of the Week. Coaches should take time before or after practices/games to engage players in a conversation about the Word of the Week and pass out that week's card.
    • Players will earn 1 card each week. Players that earn all 8 cards will receive the Review Card and a bobblehead at the end of the season.
    • Each week, players and their parents should go to and enter the answer to the trivia question for a chance to win autographed baseballs, Giants tickets, promo items and an all-inclusive AT&T Park experience!
    • For Week 1, pass out the Starter Card and have your Word of the Week talk. Mark off which players earned their cards on your tracking sheet, located in this Game Plan, and on the SI Play. You'll repeat this process each week!

    Items to Track in SIPLAY This Week:

    • Strike Out Bullying Pledge (if completed already)
    • Starter Card
    • Round the Bases Reading program rewards earned
    • Your players have all earned the bookmark (1st base) because you read the Player & Parent Handbook together!

    **See page 33 of the Coach & Team Parent Game Plan for instructions on how to track.

    On Deck Next Week:

    Preview Health Week by:

    • Reviewing the Healthy Habits Poster and tracking/sticker sheet from the Player & Parent Handbook.
    • Encourage players to use the Healthy Habits tracking sheet to track their nutrition and exercise for a week.
    • Remind your team that if they bring their completed tracking sheet to next week's practice they will earn a water bottle.

    Each week, players and their parent should go to and enter the answer to the trivia question for a chance to win autographed baseballs, Giants tickets, promo items and an all-inclusive AT&T Park experience as part of the Junior Giants Sweepstakes!