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At Bat This Week

  • Collect your EDUCATION Word of the Week pack.
  • Introduce the Education program by reviewing the Round the Bases Reading Program.
  • Encourage players to read all summer long and earn prizes along the way!
  • Have players track the amount of minutes they read on their Reading Scorecard.
  • As a bonus, encourage players to read to younger family members or friends to include them in the fun!

1st BASE | Read the Player & Parent Handbook receive a Giants bookmark.
2nd BASE | Read for 240 minutes to receive Giants mini colored pencils.
3rd BASE | Read for 480 minutes to receive a Giants pencil and pencil case.
HOME RUN! | Read for 720 minutes to receive a Giants notebook.

If your ENTIRE TEAM reaches the Home Run level, the team is eligible to attend the Junior Giants Festival at AT&T Park!

(Please note that T-ball teams will receive a backpack instead of an invitation to the Festival.)

Word of the Week Talk

  • Define the word EDUCATION: Learning more about the world through school, books or other activities.
  • Begin a conversation about education by asking the players the following questions:

    T-Ball (5-6 years old)

    1. Do you have a favorite book that you read with your family? What book is it?
    2. What is your favorite part about going to school?
    3. Why is going to school important?

    Minors (7-9 years old)

    1. What are your favorite books/stories? Favorite authors?
    2. What is your favorite subject in school?
    3. What do you want to be when you grow up?

    Majors (10-13 years old) & Seniors (14-18 years old)

    1. Can you name one memorable teacher you have had? What made them so great?
    2. Where would you like to go to college? What would you want to learn in college?
    3. What kind of job do you see yourself having when you're older?

    End of Practice

    • Pass out the Education Baseball Card to all players and remind them to enter the answer to this week's trivia question on as a part of the Junior Giants Sweepstakes!
    • Have players show their Reading Scorecards and pass out rewards accordingly.
    • Continue to encourage reading all summer by showing players the other rewards they can earn.
    • Take a photo of your team with books or their reading rewards and post it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #jrgiants. Make sure to check with players' parents before you post a photo of their child.

    Items to Track in SIPLAY This Week:

    • Education Card
    • Reading rewards earned