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At Bat This Week

  • Collect your CONFIDENCE Word of the Week pack.

Word of the Week Talk

  • Define the word CONFIDENCE: Believing in your own skills and abilities.
  • Begin a conversation about confidence by asking the players the following questions:

T-Ball (5-6 years old)

  1. Have you heard the word "confidence" before? What does it mean?
  2. Stand up and show us what a confident person would look like on the field.
  3. When could you show confidence during one of our games or practices?

Minors (7-9 years old)

  1. Do you know what the word "confidence" means?
  2. How could you feel more confident about yourself?
  3. What part of playing baseball/softball do you feel the most confident in (throwing, batting, infield, outfield, etc.)?

Majors (10-13 years old) & Seniors (14-18 years old)

  1. When was a time that you felt really confident?
  2. How does confidence help your baseball/softball performance?
  3. How can we help each other feel more confident?

End of Practice

  • Pass out the Confidence Baseball Card to all players and remind them to enter the answer to this week's trivia question on as part of the Junior Giants Sweepstakes!
  • Pass out the 4 Bases Laces and encourage your players to wear them for the rest of the season.

Items to Track in SIPLAY This Week:

  • Confidence Card
  • Reading rewards earned