2020 Ticket Policy - COVID-19

Impacted Ticket Policy - Updated 7/6/20

Subject to change

The Miami Marlins have set in place the following fan-first policy for the 2020 MLB season and impacted games:

The Marlins will provide Marlins Members (season ticket members), suite holders, groups and single-game ticket buyers who purchased directly through the Marlins an account credit with bonus for all impacted games (a list of such games can be found below) which will be eligible to be used for Marlins 2021 regular season home games at loanDepot park or any tickets made available for purchase during the 2020 season. The provided credit for impacted tickets will include the ticket price paid plus a 10% bonus as well as the ticket fees paid (pro-rated as appropriate) for the impacted tickets and is non-transferable.

Ticket holders for all impacted games who purchased directly through the Marlins may alternatively request a refund for amounts paid (ticket + fees) for impacted tickets. Refund requests must be submitted in writing by July 20, 2020 to [email protected] or 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL 33125. Marlins Members, suite holders and group leaders who commit account credit amounts to the 2021 season will receive a special 2020 Credit Package of other incentives in addition to the 10% bonus ticket credit - please contact your dedicated Membership Experience Executive for more information.

Any complimentary tickets received for impacted games are invalid and will not be eligible for a rescheduled game or future game exchange.

For more ticket information, the Miami Marlins can be contacted at 305-480-2525 or [email protected]. Standard ticket terms for Miami Marlins events can be found at marlins.com/ticketterms.

Impacted Games

The following list of impacted games will be updated as appropriate based on future 2020 schedule announcements by Major League Baseball.

  • Thursday, March 26 vs. Phillies at 4:10PM
  • Friday, March 27 vs. Phillies at 7:10PM
  • Saturday, March 28 vs. Phillies at 6:10PM
  • Sunday, March 29 vs. Phillies at 1:10PM
  • Monday, March 30 vs. Nationals at 6:40PM
  • Tuesday, March 31 vs. Nationals at 6:40PM
  • Wednesday, April 1 vs. Nationals at 1:10PM
  • Thursday, April 9 vs. Braves at 6:40PM
  • Friday, April 10 vs. Braves at 7:10PM
  • Saturday, April 11 vs. Braves at 6:10PM
  • Sunday, April 12 vs. Braves at 1:10PM
  • Tuesday, April 14 vs. Angels at 6:40PM
  • Wednesday, April 15 vs. Angels at 6:40PM
  • Friday, May 1 vs. Pirates at 7:10PM
  • Saturday, May 2 vs. Pirates at 6:10PM
  • Sunday, May 3 vs. Pirates at 1:10PM
  • Monday, May 4 vs. Brewers at 6:40PM
  • Tuesday, May 5 vs. Brewers at 6:40PM
  • Wednesday, May 6 vs. Brewers at 6:40PM
  • Thursday, May 7 vs. Brewers at 6:40PM
  • Friday, May 15 vs. Rockies at 7:10PM
  • Saturday, May 16 vs. Rockies at 6:10PM
  • Sunday, May 17 vs. Rockies at 1:10PM
  • Tuesday, May 19 vs. Padres at 6:40PM
  • Wednesday, May 20 vs. Padres at 6:40PM
  • Thursday, May 21 vs. Padres at 12:10PM
  • Tuesday, June 2 vs. Phillies at 7:10PM
  • Wednesday, June 3 vs. Phillies at 7:10PM
  • Thursday, June 4 vs. Phillies at 7:10PM
  • Friday, June 5 vs. Mariners at 7:10PM
  • Saturday, June 6 vs. Mariners at 4:10PM
  • Sunday, June 7 vs. Mariners at 1:10PM
  • Friday, June 19 vs. Giants at 7:10PM
  • Saturday, June 20 vs. Giants at 4:10PM
  • Sunday, June 21 vs. Giants at 7:10PM
  • Monday, June 22 vs. Cardinals at 7:10PM
  • Tuesday, June 23 vs. Cardinals at 7:10PM
  • Wednesday, June 24 vs. Cardinals at 7:10PM
  • Thursday, June 25 vs. Cardinals at 12:10PM
  • Friday, June 26 vs. Braves at 7:10PM
  • Saturday, June 27 vs. Braves at 4:10PM
  • Sunday, June 28 vs. Braves at 1:10PM
  • Tuesday, July 7 vs. Rangers at 7:10PM
  • Wednesday, July 8 vs. Rangers at 7:10PM
  • Thursday, July 9 vs. Rangers at 12:10PM
  • Friday, July 10 vs. Mets at 7:10PM
  • Saturday, July 11 vs. Mets at 4:10PM
  • Sunday, July 12 vs. Mets at 1:10PM
  • Friday, July 24 vs. Dodgers at 7:10PM
  • Saturday, July 25 vs. Dodgers at 6:10PM
  • Sunday, July 26 vs. Dodgers at 1:10PM
  • Monday, July 27 vs. Dodgers at 6:10PM
  • Tuesday, August 4 vs. Nationals at 7:10PM
  • Wednesday, August 5 vs. Nationals at 7:10PM
  • Thursday, August 6 vs. Nationals at 7:10PM
  • Friday, August 7 vs. Braves at 7:10PM
  • Saturday, August 8 vs. Braves at 6:10PM
  • Sunday, August 9 vs. Braves at 1:10PM
  • Tuesday, August 18 vs. Phillies at 7:10PM
  • Wednesday, August 19 vs. Phillies at 7:10PM
  • Tuesday, August 25 vs. Cubs at 7:10PM
  • Wednesday, August 26 vs. Cubs at 7:10PM
  • Thursday, August 27 vs. Cubs at 7:10PM
  • Friday, August 28 vs. Diamondbacks at 7:10PM
  • Saturday, August 29 vs. Diamondbacks at 6:10PM
  • Sunday, August 30 vs. Diamondbacks at 1:10PM
  • Monday, August 31 vs. Diamondbacks at 1:10PM
  • Tuesday, September 8 vs. Rays at 6:40PM
  • Wednesday, September 9 vs. Rays at 6:40PM
  • Friday, August 11 vs. Nationals at 7:10PM
  • Saturday, September 12 vs. Nationals at 6:10PM
  • Sunday, September 13 vs. Nationals at 1:10PM
  • Monday, September 21 vs. Reds at 6:40PM
  • Tuesday, September 22 vs. Reds at 6:40PM
  • Wednesday, September 23 vs. Reds at 6:40PM
  • Friday, September 25 vs. Mets at 7:10PM
  • Saturday, September 26 vs. Mets at 6:10PM
  • Sunday, September 27 vs. Mets at 3:10PM
Tickets With Account Payment Plans

Any unpaid balance on Marlins ticket accounts will be offset against the account credit or refund provided for impacted tickets. Payments which were scheduled and then suspended for the months of April-August have been canceled.

For Marlins Members, the timetable for the 2021 season re-enrollment period and Member EasyPay will be communicated by late August 2020.

Account Update Process

Account credits will be loaded to the original account of purchase in My Marlins Tickets.

Account refunds will be processed within seven (7) business days of written receipt of request. Refunded tickets purchased with a credit card will automatically be refunded to the card of purchase – please note it may take up to ten (10) business days for the return to appear in the credit card account. Refunded tickets purchased with cash or check will be refunded with a check to be sent to the mailing address on file for the original account of purchase in My Marlins Tickets.

Other Market Ticket Purchases

Fans who purchased impacted tickets through a third-party site such as SeatGeek or StubHub will need to contact the marketplace directly for account status and ticket policies.

loanDepot park Ticket Window Purchases

All 2020 impacted ticket buyers who purchased tickets at the ticket windows and do not have those tickets under a My Tickets account will only be issued a refund. To receive a refund, please mail a copy of your receipt, ticket(s), full name, address, phone number and a written refund request to the Miami Marlins Ticket Office at 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL. 33125.

  • All cash and credit card buyers will receive a refund check in the mail within 10 business days of receipt.
  • Refunds or credits will not be processed at the ballpark ticket windows.
2021 Season Impacted Tickets

Tickets for the Marlins 2021 regular season home schedule which were impacted remain subject to the 2021 Ticket Policy-COVID-19 which can be found below.