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Home Run Rewards is the official rewards program of the Miami Marlins. Fans can add a new piece of memorabilia to their collection, choose an unforgettable experience, get behind-the-scenes access and more.

This interactive program rewards fans for their engagement with the Miami Marlins. The more a fan interacts with the team, the more points they can earn. With these points, fans will have exclusive access to various items and events, such as game-used memorabilia, batting practice passes, an all-expense paid trip to watch the Marlins play on the road and more. This program provides fans ultimate flexibility to redeem points for rewards of their choosing.

New to Home Run Rewards

New to Home Run Rewards, Pick a Player is the Miami Marlins' very own version of Fantasy Baseball. This interactive game puts Marlins fans in the manager's seat to select who they believe will have the best on-field performance in that day's game simulated by Baseball Reference. Log-in to your Home Run Rewards account to play now.

Since the start of the 2020 Season has been delayed, Baseball Reference is using Out of the Park 21 to simulate the 2020 Season. Similar to how rewards points can be earned for on-field performance, for live games, Marlins fans can earn points for player's stats in these simulated games. CLICK HERE to view the Miami Marlins' simulated season.