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The Official Site of the Miami Marlins

Front Office Directory

Miami Marlins

Marlins Park
501 Marlins Way
Miami, FL 33125
Tel: 305.480.1300

Executive Management

Chairman & Principal Owner: Bruce Sherman

Chief Executive Officer: Derek Jeter

President of Baseball Operations: Michael Hill

President of Business Operations: Chip Bowers

Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff: Caroline O'Connor

Administrative Services

Executive Assistant to the CEO: Nicolette Lawrence

Executive Assistant to the President of Business Operations: Kristen Keane

Executive Assistant, Baseball Operations: Amanda Guevara

Coordinator, Chief of Staff: Karen De Leon

Baseball Operations

Assistant General Manager: Brian Chattin

Director, Amateur Scouting: DJ Svihlik

Director, Player Personnel: Daniel Greenlee

Director, Team Travel: Manny Colon

Baseball Analytics

Data Engineer: Dawson Friedland

Senior Analyst: Myles Lewis

Analyst: Bradley Woodrum

Analyst: Neil Gahart

Analyst: Benjamin Wong

Scouting, Player Development and International Operations

Vice President, Player Development and Scouting: Gary Denbo

Vice President, Scouting: Stan Meek

Director, Player Development: Dick Scott

Director, Pro Scouting: Jim Cuthbert

Director, International Operations: Fernando Seguignol

Manager, Player Development & Scouting: Geoffrey DeGroot

Coordinator, Player Development: Hector Crespo

Coordinator, Advance Scouting: Garrick Chaffee

Coordinator, Education: Emily Glass

Jupiter Lead Teacher: Pamela Mejia

Assistant Teacher, Education Ops: Colleen Mitchell

Assistant, International Operations: Jake Jola

Assistant, Amateur Scouting: Joshua Kapiloff

Assistant, Pro Scouting: Alexandra Rigoli

Medical and Clubhouse

Medical Director: Lee Kaplan, M.D.

Head Athletic Trainer: Dustin Luepker

Athletic Trainer: Mike Kozak

Athletic Trainer: Gene Basham

Equipment Manager: John Silverman

Visiting Clubhouse Manager: Michael R. Hughes

Assistant Home Clubhouse Manager: Michael Diaz

Coordinator, Major League Video: Joey Nero

Communications & Broadcasting

Vice President, Communications & Broadcasting: Jason Latimer

Public Affairs

Vice President, Public Affairs: Alfredo Mesa


Manager, Communications and Spanish Media Liaison: Jon Erik Alvarez

Manager, Baseball Information: Joe Vieira

Coordinator, Communications: Maria Armella

Coordinator, Digital Marketing: Sarah Penalver


Broadcaster, Radio: Dave Van Horne

Broadcaster, Radio: Glenn Geffner

Manager, Broadcasting: Kyle Sielaff

Marketing & Community Relations

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Community Relations: Elisa Padilla


Coordinator, Marketing: Karry Pomes

Coordinator, Marketing: Mariah Monahan

Brand Impact

Director, Events & Promotions: Juan Martinez

Manager, Events & Promotions: Sergio Xiques

Supervisor, Promotions: Ralph Capdevila

Coordinator, Entertainment & Promotions: Lauren Licamara

Creative Services

Manager, Creative Services: Taylor Bolles

Production Administrator: Pablo Ferreira

Copywriter: Mike Isa

Graphic Designer: Kevin Curtis

Producer, Digital Signage: Julio Galan

Assistant Producer, Digital Signage: Javier Castellanos

Coordinator, Video Production: Julio Jauregui

Game Presentation & Scoreboard Operations

Assistant Engineer, Game Presentation & Scoreboard Operations: Chad Messina

Coordinator, Engineering: Steven Boyer

Lead Editor, Game Presentation & Scoreboard Ops: Ronald Rivas

Coordinator, Game Presentation & Scoreboard Operations: Caroline Lesousky

Community Outreach

Senior Director, Community Outreach: Angela Smith

Manager, Youth Baseball: Jamal Knibbs

The Marlins Foundation

Director, Marlins Foundation: Alan Alvarez

Manager, Foundation Events & Initiatives: Sarah Garcia


Vice President, Head of Partnership Development & Strategy: David Oxfeld

Director, Partnership Development: Ian Parker

Director, Partnership Development: Jose Fernandez

Director, Partnership Strategy: Brian Saal

Manager, Partnership Strategy: Sheri Fanucci

Manager, Partnership Strategy: Jason Golden

Executive Assistant to the VP, Head of Partnership Development & Strategy: Judy Cavanagh

Coordinator, Partnership Strategy: Amy Groover

Specialist, Partnership Development: Max Budney

Strategy & Development

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Development: Adam Jones

Business Analytics

Director, Business Analytics: Christian Lowe

CRM Analyst: Joseph Pepio

Data Systems Senior Analyst: James Niescier

Information Technology

Senior Director, Information Technology: David Enriquez

Manager, Database & Applications: David Kuan

Manager, Network Services: Alexis Farres

Infrastructure Administrator: Eddie Viamontes

Systems Administrator:   Ruben Prieto, Jr.

Information Technology Analyst: Luis Navarro

Information Technology Analyst: Brandon Booth

Finance & Accounting

Executive Vice President & CFO: Michel Bussiere

Senior Vice President, Finance: Susan Jaison

Director, Accounting: John Valdes

Payroll Administrator: Carolina Calderon

Supervisor, Accounts Payable: Anthony Paneque

Staff Accountant: David Villa

Coordinator, Payroll: Edgar Perez

Coordinator, Accounts Payable: Brian Weeks

Human Resources

Vice President, Human Resources: Ana Hernandez

Manager, Human Resources: Giselle Lopez

Coordinator, Human Resources: Kaitlyn Stolzenberg

Coordinator, Human Resources: Alex Vigil

Office Services

Supervisor, Office Services: Karl Heard

Assistant, Office Services: Donna Kirton 

Administrative Services

Receptionist: Karen Castellon

Legal & Risk Management

Vice President and General Counsel: Ashwin Krishnan

Associate Counsel: Stephanie Galvin

Director, Risk Management: Fred Espinoza

Coordinator, Risk Management: Claudia Avila

Customer Engagement

Vice President, Head of Customer Engagement: Michael Shaw

Guest Services

Manager, Guest Services: Cristina Corpion

Coordinator, Guest Services: Nathaly Fields

Retail Operations

Manager, Retail Operations: Robyn Feinstein

Supervisor, Retail Game Operations: Daniella Medina

Supervisor, Retail Warehouse: Manny Rodriguez

Coordinator, Authentics: Lazaro Garcia

Coordinator, Retail Operations: Yandy Blanco

Ballpark Operations & Events

Executive Vice President, Operations & Events: Claude Delorme

Director, Parking: Michael McKeon

Director, Game Services: Antonio Torres-Roman

Manager, Special Events: Gisella Silva

Coordinator, Game Services: Anthony Favata

Coordinator, Game Services: Elliot Saks

Executive Assistant, Executive Vice President of Operations & Events: Teresita Garcia

Receptionist, Ballpark Operations: Zucel Riera


Director, Security: Michael Bracci

Assistant Director, Security: Frank Jameson

Coordinator, Loading Dock: Rosmel Onate

Security Officer: Griselda Bonachea

Security Officer: Walter Clarit

Security Officer: Alfonso Flores

Security Officer: Pedro Lanuza

Security Officer: Jahaira Mendez

Security Officer: Mariela Padilla

Security Officer: Jose Rodriguez

Security Officer: Adam Stafford

Security Officer: Joseph Ventura-Stern

Security Officer: Alan Young

Security Officer: Diamond Fedrick-Hunte

Security Officer: William Green


Vice President, Facilities: Jeff King

Executive Assistant, Vice President of Facilities: Ingrid Rodriguez Noguera

Maintenance Manager: Michael Vazquez

Command Center Supervisor: Deborah Salsberg

Command Center Operator: Otilio Morera

Command Center Operator: Vanessa Suarez

Command Center Operator: Clifford Diaz

HVAC Technician: Aldo Alpizar

HVAC Technician: Daniel Hernandez

HVAC Technician: Robinson Rios

General Maintenance Technician: Alberto Zelie

Electrician: Yuniel Diaz

Electrician: Gilberto Diaz

Mechanic: Anthony Herring

Carpenter: Clifford Williams Jr.

Plumber: Vladimir Leon


Director, Grounds: Chad Mulholland-Cowic

Manager, Grounds: Gregory Jones

Manager, Grounds: Javier Carrillo-Millan

Supervisor, Grounds: Ronny Lopez

Grounds Crew: Carlos DeLeon

Grounds Crew: Ameer Johnson

Grounds Crew: Ryan Morey

Ticket Sales & Service

Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service: Travis Apple

Senior Director, Sales: Joseph Schiavi

Director, Membership Sales: Evans Adonis

Manager, Inside Sales: David Campbell

Manager, Member Benefits & Events: Jillian Gustin

Manager, Premium Services: Julie Gregory

Senior Account Executive, Suites: Chema Sanchez

Premium Sales Executive: Greg Lynch

Coordinator, Sales & Service: Patty Lora

Membership Sales Executive: Isaac Paladino

Membership Sales Executive: Paige Fisher

Membership Sales Executive: Jonathan Williams

Membership Experience

Manager, Customer Service: John-Albert Rodriguez

Manager, Membership Experience: Brian Jemison

Sr. Membership Experience Executive: Jason Liss

Membership Experience Executive: Samantha MacIntosh

Membership Experience Executive: Eric Sutcliffe

Group Sales & Service

Director, Group Sales & Service: Charles Sano

Manager, Group Sales & Service: Bray Ladow

Sr. Group Sales & Service Executive: Mario Signorello

Group Sales & Service Executive: Shoshana Baker Bradley

Coordinator, Group Sales & Service: Enrique Diaz

Coordinator, Group Sales & Service: Catherine Mora

Ticket Operations

Director, Ticket Operations: Mardi Dilger

Manager, Vault: Jose Braojos

Coordinator, Ticket Operations Season Sales: Gerry Fernandez

Coordinator, Ticket Operations Group Sales: Juan Carlos Diaz

Coordinator, Ticket Operations: Luis Caminero

Coordinator, Ticket Operations Reporting and Assistant Vault: John Jola