Houston Astros MLB Youth Academy



Daryl Wade
Director, Houston Astros MLB Youth Academy
2801 South Victory Drive
Houston, TX 77088

[email protected]


The Houston Astros MLB Youth Academy aims to set the standard for baseball and softball instruction, teach and educate urban youth and enhance the quality of life in the community. MLB's four facets of the youth academies are:

  1. Grow the games of baseball and softball while cultivating diversity in all aspects of the game.
  2. Make meaningful contributions to the development of urban communities.
  3. Provide safe and organized recreational activities for urban youth.
  4. Prepare urban high school players for college and professional baseball and softball programs.

The academy provides FREE baseball & softball instruction to youth ages 7-17 on a year-round basis. Other activities include:

  • Career development
  • Coaching clinics
  • Umpire seminars
  • Field maintenance and groundskeeping
  • Sports journalism and broadcasting
  • STAAR tutoring and homework assistance
  • MLB Reviving Baseball In Inner Cities (RBI) program