MLB Now's Top 10 Right Now!

MLB Now’s annual “Top 10 Right Now!” series, counting down the 10 best players at each position, is hosted by MLB Network’s Brian Kenny alongside MLB Network analysts Alex Avila, Sean Casey, Ron Darling, Cliff Floyd, Hannah Keyser, Cameron Maybin, Dan O’Dowd, Jake Peavy, Steve Phillips and Tom Verducci. Bob Costas will also contribute to the “Top 10 Right Now!” series, as Costas and MLB Network host Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo will reveal and debate their top 10 players at each position who are not currently in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Each program will also feature a sabermetrics-focused roundtable featuring former SABR President Vince Gennaro, writer and editor Sarah Langs, and analyst Mike Petriello.

Premiere Dates

Premiere Date Time (ET) Show Analyst
Tue, Jan 9 8:00 PM Starting Pitchers Ron Darling
Wed, Jan 10 8:00 PM Catchers Alex Avila
Thu, Jan 11 8:00 PM Shortstops Dan O'Dowd
Tue, Jan 16 8:00 PM Right Fielders Cameron Maybin
Wed, Jan 17 8:00 PM Second Basemen Tom Verducci
Thu, Jan 18 8:00 PM First Basemen Sean Casey
Wed, Jan 24 8:00 PM Left Fielders Cliff Floyd
Thu, Jan 25 8:00 PM Center Fielders Hannah Keyser
Wed, Jan. 31 8:00 PM Third Basemen Steve Phillips
Thu, Feb 1 8:00 PM Relief Pitchers Jake Peavy