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Questions? Call 513-765-7600 to speak to a Group Account Representative or email [email protected].

Payment Policy for Group Tickets: Payment is due in full at the time of purchase for regular group tickets. For purchases of 50 or more tickets, a maximum of 10 tickets may be returned 30 days prior to the game for a refund.

Payment Policy for Hospitality: A 50% deposit is due at time of booking. Balance is due in full 30 days prior to the game date.

When paying by check, all payments must be received within two weeks of invoicing.

Rain Delays/Inclement Weather Policy: The right to postpone the playing of a game is controlled by the home club with the exception of the final series (that begins on or after June 1) between two clubs, at which time the responsibility shifts to the Umpire-in-Chief. Once a game has started, the Umpire-in-Chief determines if a game should be suspended, when it can be resumed or if it should be terminated because of bad weather or unfit playing conditions. The Official Playing Rules provide that when a game has been temporarily suspended, umpires must wait at least 30 minutes before calling the game. On days when inclement weather is in the forecast, tune to 700 WLW or check back with for updates on the game status.

Alcohol Policy: The sale and consumption of all alcoholic beverages is subject to Ohio law. It is unlawful for persons under 21 years of age to purchase, consume, possess or transport alcoholic beverages. The Reds and its concessionaire will implement measures to ensure that alcoholic beverage are not accessible or served to persons under 21 years of age or to persons who are intoxicated. The Reds reserve the right to limit consumption and/or sale of alcoholic beverages at events.

Food and Beverage Policy for Hospitality and Party Areas: No food or beverages may be brought into or be prepared or consumed in the Hospitality Area other than those items of food and beverage purchased from the third party Ballpark concessionaire, Cincinnati SportService. Food and beverage service will begin 30 minutes after the time the admission gates to the Ballpark open for Game Date patrons. Food service will be discontinued at the end of the fifth inning or four hours later, whichever comes first. Beverage service will be discontinued at the end of the eighth inning or three hours from the scheduled start of the game, whichever comes first.

Ticket Cancellation and Resell Policy: The Cincinnati Reds reserve the right to decline, reject, and/or cancel any purchase or purchaser for any reason in the Reds' sole discretion, including but not limited to, purchases not made in accordance with the Reds' applicable ticket sales policies, the terms and conditions applicable to ticket packages and ticket purchases of certain types, and the terms and conditions printed on the back of each ticket. The Cincinnati Reds also reserve the right to cancel any ticket or ticket package purchase and refund the purchase price paid for any violation of any Reds ticket sales policy, term, or condition, as determined in the Reds' sole reasonable discretion. The Cincinnati Reds also reserve the right not to sell to, and to cancel any purchase made by, individuals or companies whose intent is to resell more than 25% of a purchased ticket package, and the purchase of a ticket package by an individual or company with such intent shall require the express written consent of the Cincinnati Reds as provided by a Ticket Sales executive at the Vice President level or higher.