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Save up to 25% on 6 games!

Save on Reds baseball and get your choice of games with the Reds Pick-6 Plan presented by McDonald's®!


  • Choice of any 6 Reds home games* including bobblehead giveaways on April 14, May 5, June 9, June 30, and August 18
  • Savings up to 25% off regular ticket prices
  • Six free McDonald's® Extra Value Meal ® vouchers

*Excludes Opening Day. Games subject to availability.


PLEASE NOTE: As a Pick-6 plan buyer, you may receive emails from with details regarding additional and exclusive Reds ticket presale opportunities.

Need help choosing your games? View our 2018 promotional schedule for bobblehead games and more!

Terms & Conditions

The Cincinnati Reds reserve the right to decline, reject, and/or cancel any purchase or purchaser for any reason in the Reds' sole discretion, including but not limited to, purchases not made in accordance with the Reds' applicable ticket sales policies, the terms and conditions applicable to ticket packages and ticket purchases of certain types, and the terms and conditions printed on the back of each ticket. The Cincinnati Reds also reserve the right to cancel any ticket or ticket package purchase and refund the purchase price paid for any violation of any Reds ticket sales policy, term, or condition, as determined in the Reds' sole reasonable discretion. The Cincinnati Reds also reserve the right not to sell to, and to cancel any purchase made by, individuals or companies whose intent is to resell more than 25% of a purchased ticket package, and the purchase of a ticket package by an individual or company with such intent shall require the express written consent of the Cincinnati Reds as provided by a Ticket Sales executive at the Vice President level or higher.