Robert H. Castellini - W. Joseph Williams Jr. - Thomas L. Williams
Lindner Reds Baseball LLC - Frank Cohen - William J. Reik
Buy Buy Baseball, LLC - EMK Investment Company, LLC - Larry Sheakley - Jeffrey L. Wyler
Harry J. Fath - Jeffrey L. Gendell - Edwin J. Riguad, AACE, LLC - HKR Baseball, LLC - Ronald L. Sargent
John H. Wyant - George H. Vincent, Queen City Diamond, LLC - Heading for Home, LLC - Art Hauser


Robert H. Castellini Chief Executive Officer
W. Joseph Williams Jr. Chairman
Thomas L. Williams Vice Chairman
Phillip J. Castellini President & Chief Operating Officer
Shellie Petrey Executive Operations Manager
Barry Larkin Senior Advisor to President/COO
Nick Krall Vice President and General Manager
Sarah Vedder Exec. Asst. to President of Baseball Ops.
Walt Jocketty Executive Advisor to the CEO
Christopher L. Fister Secretary and Treasurer
Karen Forgus Senior Vice President of Business Operations
Emily Mahle Business Ops. Assistant
Doug Healy Senior Vice President of Finance and CFO
James A. Marx, Esq. Chief Legal Counsel
Teena Schweier Executive Assistant to CLC and CFO Doug Healy Senior Vice President of Finance and CFO
James A. Marx, Esq. Chief Legal Counsel
Teena Schweier Executive Assistant to CLC and CFO


Front Office

Sam Grossman Vice President, Assistant General Manager
Brad Meador VP/Assistant GM, Scouting & Player Dev.
Buddy Bell VP, Sr. Advisor to GM
Chris Buckley Vice President, Player Personnel
Jeff Graupe Senior Director, Player Acquisition & Strategy
Mark Edwards Manager, Baseball Operations
Cameron LeBlanc Baseball Operations Analyst
Nick Perez Baseball Operations Analyst
Bo Thompson Manager, Advance Scouting
Gary Hall Major League Video & Technology Coordinator

Baseball Analytics

Nick Wan Director of Baseball Analytics
Chris Jackson Senior Data Scientist
James Brand Coordinator of Major League Analytics
Mark Weinstein Data Scientist
Jordan Wergiles Coordinator of Player Dev. Analytics

Pro Scouting

Rob Coughlin Sr. Director of Professional Scouting
Cam Bonifay Special Assistant to GM
“J” Harrison Special Assistant to the General Manager
Marty Maier Special Assistant to the General Manager
John Morris Special Assistant to the General Manager
Jeff Schugel Special Assistant to the General Manager
Gary Glover Professional Scout
Joe Jocketty Professional Scout
Ben Jones Professional Scout
Mick Mattaliano Professional Scout
Jeff Morris Professional Scout
Steve Roadcap Professional Scout
Daniel Beattie Pro Scouting Analyst
Rob Fidler Manager, Pacific Rim Scouting
Jamey Storvick Scout, Pacific Rim

Amateur Scouting

Joe Katuska Director, Amateur Scouting
Paul Pierson Asst. Dir, AM Scouting/Midwest Crosschecker
Will Harford National Crosschecker
Mark McKnight National Crosschecker
Jerry Flowers National Crosschecker
Bill Byckowski East Crosschecker
Rex De La Nuez West Crosschecker
Greg Zunino Southeast Crosschecker
Charlie Aliano Scouting Supervisor
Rich Bordi Scouting Supervisor
Sean Buckley Scouting Supervisor
John Ceprini Scouting Supervisor
Dan Cholowsky Scouting Supervisor
Andrew Fabian Scouting Supervisor
Tyler Gibbons Scouting Supervisor
Jerel Johnson Scouting Supervisor
Mike Keenan Scouting Supervisor
Brandon Marr Scouting Supervisor
Mike Misuraca Scouting Supervisor
Jimmy Moran Scouting Supervisor
Mike Partida Scouting Supervisor
Jonathan Reynolds Scouting Supervisor
Paul Scott Scouting Supervisor
Juan Silva Scouting Supervisor
Andy Stack Scouting Supervisor
Nick Christiani Amateur Scouting Pitching Analyst
Kevin Buckley Video Scout
Eddie Lehr Video Scout/Analyst

International Scouting

Trey Hendricks Senior Director, International Scouting
Greg McMillin Asst. Dir., Player Dev. & Int’l Scouting
David Espinosa International Crosschecker
Matt Gaski International Crosschecker
Boomer Prinstein International Crosschecker
Phil Stringer International Crosschecker
Hernan Albornoz Director, South America Scouting
Enmanuel Cartagena Director, Caribbean Scouting
Dargello Lodowica Caribbean Crosschecker

Player Development

Shawn Pender Vice President, Player Development
Jeremy Farrell Director, Player Development
Greg McMillin Asst. Dir., Player Dev. & Int’l Scouting
Bill Doran Special Assistant, Player Performance
Eric Davis Special Assistant, Player Performance
Mario Soto Special Assistant, Player Performance
Melissa Hill Coordinator, Baseball Administration
Mitchell Bonds Coordinator of Minor League Video & Tech.
Edgar Ferreira Minor League Video & Tech. Specialist
Chris Tremie Field Coordinator
Bryan Conger Pitching Coordinator
Casey Weathers Pitching Coordinator
Dave Hansen Hitting Coordinator
Jim Rickon Hitting Coordinator
Kevin Mahar OF/Baserunning Coordinator
Jose Nieves Infield Coordinator
Corky Miller Catching Coordinator
Luis Bolívar Coordinator of AZ/DR Academies
Joel Noboa Latin American Field Coordinator
Simon Mathews Rehabilitation Pitching Coach
Jon Snyder Minor League Equipment Manager
John Bryk Minor League Clubhouse Assistant
Juan Peralta Academy Director, Latin America
Julio Justo Assistant, Latin America Operations
Carlos Fernandez Technology Asst., Latin America
Pat Kelly Manager, AAA Louisville Bats
Seth Etherton Pitching Coach, AAA Louisville Bats
Alex Pelaez Hitting Coach, AAA Louisville Bats
Dick Schofield Bench Coach, AAA Louisville Bats
Mike Jacobs Game Planning/OF Coach, AAA Louisville Bats
Jose Moreno Manager, AA Chattanooga Lookouts
Rob Wooten Pitching Coach, AA Chattanooga Lookouts
Eric Richardson Hitting Coach, AA Chattanooga Lookouts
Nate Irving Game Planning/Catching, AA Chatt. Lookouts
Bryan LaHair Manager, High A Dayton Dragons
Brian Garman Pitching Coach, High A Dayton Dragons
Daryle Ward Hitting Coach, High A Dayton Dragons
Juan Samuel Bench Coach, High A Dayton Dragons
Gookie Dawkins Manager, Low A Daytona Tortugas
Todd Naskedov Pitching Coach, Low A Daytona Tortugas
Darryl Brinkley Hitting Coach, Low A Daytona Tortugas
Lenny Harris Bench Coach, Low A Daytona Tortugas
Jefry Sierra OF/Baserunning, Low A Daytona Tortugas
Julio Morillo Manager, ACL Goodyear Reds
Elmer Dessens Pitching Coach, ACL Goodyear Reds
Fred Corral Pitching Coach, ACL Goodyear Reds
Jason Bruossard Hitting Coach, ACL Goodyear Reds
Anthony Manuel Bench/IF Coach, ACL Goodyear Reds
Luis Terrero Bench/OF Coach, ACL Goodyear Reds
Gustavo Molina Manager, DSL Reds
Jose Leon Hitting Coach, DSL Reds
Juan Ballara Bench/Catching Coach, DSL Reds
Luis Hernandez Infield Coach, DSL Reds

Health & Performance

Geoff Head Senior Director of Health & Performance
Dr. Timothy Kremchek Medical Director
Sean McQueeney Head Athletic Trainer, PT, DPT, ATC
Tomas Vera Assistant Athletic Trainer, ATC
Takeshi Yamamoto Health & Performance Specialist
Steve Gober Athletic Trainer, AAA Louisville Bats
Ryan Ross Athletic Trainer, AA Chattanooga Lookouts
Wade Hebrink Athletic Trainer, Low A Daytona Tortugas
Josh Hobson Athletic Trainer, ACL Goodyear Reds
Lauren Powers Athletic Trainer, ACL Goodyear Reds
Sam Tedtman Athletic Trainer, DSL Reds
Jaime De Los Santos Athletic Trainer, DSL Reds
Rob Fumagalli Director, Major Lg. Strength & Conditioning
Aaron Reis Assistant Director, Major Lg. Str. & Cond.
Will Gilmore Minor League Strength & Conditioning Coord.
Danny Escobar Minor League Asst. Str. & Cond. Coord.
Kenny Matanane Str. & Cond. Coach, AAA Louisville Bats
Trey Strickland Str. & Cond., AA Chattanooga Lookouts
Dan Donohue Str. & Cond Coach, A+ Dayton Dragons
Kyle Laughlin Str. & Cond. Coach, Low A Daytona Tortugas
Joel Canacoo Str. & Cond Coach, ACL Goodyear Reds
Eduardo Garcia Str. & Cond Coach, DSL Reds
Rafael Hernandez Str. & Cond Coach, DSL Reds
Brad Epstein Director, Physical Therapy and Rehab
Alexander Plum Major League Physical Therapist
Eric Gonzalez Minor League Physical Therapist
Ashley Meuser Major League Sports Dietician
Leah Reitmayer Coordinator, Minor League Nutrition
Aaron Cunanan Director of Applied Sports Science
Dylan Suarez Applied Sports Science Coordinator
Dan Adams Major League Applied Sports Scientist
Ethan Stewart Applied Biomechanist
Patrick Serbus Director, Minor League Athletic Training
Clete Sigwart Manager, Athletic Training
Manny Lopez Latin American Medical Coordinator
Becky Schnakenberg Manager of Wellness & Education
Rafael Castillo Wellness Coach
Oscar Gutierrez Mental Skills Coach

Arizona Operations

Mike Saverino Operations Manager
Branden Croteau Specialist, Player Development/AZ Ops.
Major League Team Travel
Gary Wahoff Senior Director, Team Travel

Media Relations

Rob Butcher Vice President, Media Relations
Larry Herms Director, Media Relations
Jamie Ramsey Director, Media Relations, Digital Content
Jorge Merlos Spanish Translator/Media Relations Assistant
Luke Shinoda Japanese Interpreter/Media Relations Coord.


Rick Stowe Senior Director, Clubhouse Operations
Josh Stewart Visiting Clubhouse Manager
Mark Stowe Reds Clubhouse Assistant


Tim O'Connell Senior Vice President of Facilities & Operations

Ballpark Operations

Sean Brown Vice President of Ballpark Operations
Colleen Rodenberg Sr. Director of Ballpark Administration
Jan Koshover Director of Guest and Event Ops.
Matt Keifling Director of Ballpark Maintenance
Jen Clemens Ballpark Administrative Services Manager
Robert Burkhart Finish Carpenter
Richard Kleinwachter Electrician
Daniel Korb Electrician
Johnny Dozier HVAC Technician
Bob O’Leary HVAC Technician
Alex Schaefer HVAC Technician
Don Eichstadt Refrigeration & Food Svc. Eqpt. Mechanic
Larry Barnett Maintenance Worker I
Joe Simpson Maintenance Worker I
Jon Phelps Ops QA/QC
Phil Stall Painter
Daniel Schmaltz Plumber
Joe Carr Shipping & Receiving Clerk

Field Operations

Derrik Grubbs Director of Grounds & Head Groundskeeper
Robbie Dworkin Assistant Head Groundskeeper
Devin Herman Grounds Supervisor
Steve Myers Youth Academy Field Maintenance Manager

Public Safety and Security

Rick Neville Director of Public Safety and Security
Craig Heintzelman K9/Security Supervisor
Dewitt Anderson Public Safety Officer
John Brehm Public Safety Officer
Kyle DeWine Public Safety Officer
Paul Fieler Public Safety Officer
Logan Lucas Public Safety Officer
Bobby Pattan Public Safety Officer
Patrick Sponsler Public Safety Officer
Vincent Steinwert Public Safety Officer
Chris Steward Public Safety Officer
Richard Toschlog Public Safety Officer

Public Safety K9 Teams

Craig Heintzelman & Gator Public Safety K9 Team
Craig Heintzelman & Paisley Public Safety K9 Team
Logan Lucas & Rookie Public Safety K9 Team
Sara Coberly & Milan Public Safety K9 Team
Steve Behard & Blizzy Public Safety K9 Team
Charlie Sailor & Meta Public Safety K9 Team



Ralph Mitchell Vice President of Comm. and Marketing

Communications, Digital Media & Creative Services

Lisa Braun Sr. Director, Social Media & Content Strategy
Jansen Dell Senior Director, Creative and Brand Strategy
Jarrod Rollins Senior Director of Communications
Michael Anderson Director of PR & Photography
Amy Calo Director of Creative
Chadwick Fischer Director of Social Media
Audra Sordyl Director of Marketing
Brendan Hader Communications Manager
Michael King Creative Operations Manager
Nolan Mattson Social Media Manager
Sara Green Graphic Designer
Carter Kennedy Digital Graphic Designer
Melissa Wamp Digital Video Producer
Lori Watt Promotional Purchasing/Broadcasting Admin.


Zach Bonkowski Vice President of Promo Events/Prod.

Promotional Events and Player Relations

Corey Hawthorne Director of Promo Events/Plyr. Relations
Jim Myers Reds Authentics Director
Sean Molloy Reds Authentics Coordinator
Kelsey Proctor Promotional Events Manager
Nick St. Pierre Promotional Events Manager


Jami Itiavkase Director of Productions
Billy Johnson Productions Manager
Brent Vinson Video Engineer - Technical Manager
Nick Prince Video Productions & Technical Specialist
Nicholas Wedige Motion Graphics Designer
Kaitlin Simcoe Content Productions Specialist


Lindsey Dingeldein: Director of Community Relations
Adriana Pons: Diversity & Community Relations Coordinator


Bill Reinberger Vice President of Corporate Partnerships
Dave Collins Director of Sponsorship Development
Dan Lewis Corporate Partnerships Manager
Todd Richardson Corporate Partnerships Manager
Jason Strine Corporate Partnerships Manager
Joe Zerhusen Broadcast and Affiliates Manager
Joanie Conkle CRM Manager
Jessica Jamison Senior Corporate Services Manager
Matt Pohlman Senior Corporate Services Manager
Malia Robinson Corporate Account Services Manager
Brandon Bowman Trafficking Coordinator
Denise Lockwood Assistant to Corporate Partnerships


Bentley '"B.J." Viator Vice President of Finance, Controller


Jill Niemeyer Accounting Manager
Cathy Brakers Senior Accountant
Sherri Yerkes Staff Accountant


Victor Livisay Vice President, People & Culture
Amy Ford Manager, Benefits and Wellness
Stephanie Gibbs Talent Acquisition Manager


Leanna Priest Director of Financial Reporting and Payroll
Ayanna Goddard Payroll Accountant


Brian Keys Senior Vice President of Technology


Mickey Mentzer Director of Data Systems & Development
Brett Elkins Sr. Systems Architect, Baseball Systems
Bryce Dugar Data Engineer, Baseball Systems
Andrew Kyne Data Quality Engineer, Baseball Systems
Joe Delia Developer, Baseball Systems
Katie Hulsman Application Developer
Nick Millet Developer, Baseball Systems
Sydney Jones Project Manager


Chris Renner Senior Systems Engineer
Alex Meyer Systems Engineer
Randy Newsome Systems Engineer
Clinton Van Andel Systems Support
Jason Stell DevOps. Engineer


Steven Wyant Data Architect
Mark Boone Business Analytics Developer
Kristin Elliott Business Application Manager
Paige Smith Senior Business Analyst
Joe Enriquez Application Developer


Aaron Eisel Vice President of Ticketing and Business Dev.


Kristen Meyers Director of Single Game Ticketing
Kayla Umberg Consumer Clubs Manager
Ryan Haynes Single Game Ticketing Coordinator


Vicki Volp Sr. Manager of Special Events Sales and Ops.


Jacob Widerschein Senior Director of Ticket Operations
Todd Wuest Director of Ticket Operations
Bev Bonavita Senior Manager of Season Ticket Operations
Billy Byrnes Senior Manager of Ticket Operations Events
John Rieder Group Operations Manager
Catie Bock Sr. Mgr. of Ticket Operations Customer Service
Christian Sharp Ticket Operations Coordinator
Matthew Ollerdisse Senior Manager of Ticketing Strategy
Jon Myers Ticketing CRM Manager
Chris Calo Senior Business Analyst
Frank Rosiello VIP Ticket Concierge


Mark Schueler Senior Director of Ticket Sales & Service
Patrick Montague Director of Ticketing New Business
Shelley Volpenhein Director of Season Ticket Membership
Chris Bausano Director of Premium Sales & Service
Carmen Alberini Zerhusen Director of Group Sales & Dev.
Chris Herrell Season Sales Manager
Drew Whitaker Sales Development Manager
Blake Williams Sr. Account Executive, New Business Dev.
Jake Eby Account Executive, New Business Dev.
Eric Keller Sr. Account Executive, Retention and Sales
Nick Fedders Account Executive, Retention and Sales
Angel Gonzalez Account Executive, Retention and Sales
Tiffany Huffman Account Executive, Retention and Sales
Ryan Rizzo Premium Sales Manager
Megan Stuerenberg...Sr. Premium Sales/Ownrshp Svcs. Exec.
Kory Hetzer Suites and Premium Service Executive
Craig Sample Premium Service Executive
Reilly Burns Group Account Executive
Cardell Carter Group Account Executive
Nick Geraci Group Account Executive


Charley Frank Executive Director, Reds Community Fund
Matthew Wagner Asst. Director, Reds Community Fund
Jerome Wright Director, Youth Academy
Jeremy Hamilton Assistant Director, Youth Academy
Sara Kohls Outreach Programs Coordinator
Clarence Gordon Outreach Projects Coordinator


Rick Walls Executive Director, Reds HOF & Museum
Chris Eckes Operations Manager/Chief Curator
Erin Chamberlain Marketing and Development Manager
Garrett Combs Marketing and Development Assistant
Ken Freeman Education & Programming Manager
Mark Harlow Ticket Operations Manager
Sherry Rowland Membership Manager
Christina Sprance Visitor Services and Retail Manager