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Front Office Directory


Robert H. Castellini - W. Joseph Williams Jr. - Thomas L. Williams
Lindner Reds Baseball LLC - Frank Cohen - William J. Reik 
Buy Buy Baseball, LLC - EMK Investment Company, LLC - Larry Sheakley - Jeffrey L. Wyler
Harry J. Fath - Jeffrey L. Gendell - Edwin J. Riguad, AACE, LLC - HKR Baseball, LLC - Ronald L. Sargent
John H. Wyant - George H. Vincent, Queen City Diamond, LLC - Heading for Home, LLC - Art Hauser



Chief Executive Officer: Robert H. Castellini
Chairman: W. Joseph Williams Jr.
Vice Chairman: Thomas L. Williams
President and Chief Operating Officer: Phillip J. Castellini
President of Baseball Operations: Dick Williams
Executive Advisor to the CEO: Walt Jocketty
Secretary and Treasurer: Christopher L. Fister
Senior Vice President of Business Operations: Karen Forgus
Senior Vice President of Finance and CFO: Doug Healy
Chief Legal Counsel: James A. Marx, Esq
Executive Operations Manager: Shellie Petrey
Executive Assistant to President of Baseball Operations: Sarah Vedder
Business Operations Assistant: Theodora Siegel
Business Ops. Assistant/Speakers Bureau: Emily Mahle
Assistant to CLO and CFO: Teena Schweier



Vice President & General Manager: Nick Krall
Vice President, Assistant General Manager: Sam Grossman
VP, Sr. Advisor to President of Baseball Ops.: Buddy Bell
Vice President, Player Personnel: Chris Buckley
Senior Director, Player Personnel: Jeff Graupe
Senior Advisor to Baseball Operations: Joe Morgan
Coordinator of Baseball Operations: Mark Edwards
Director of Sports Science Initiatives: Charles Leddon
Manager of Baseball Systems Development: Brett Elkins
Apps Development Specialist, Baseball Systems: Ryan Barger
Baseball Systems Developer: Joe Delia
Data Engineer, Baseball Systems: Bryce Dugar
Manager of Baseball Analytics: Michael Schatz
Data Scientist: Nick Wan
Data Scientist: Kevin Corby
Data Scientist: Stuart Wallace
Major League Analyst: James Brand
Player Development Analyst: Harris Kingsley
Baseball Analytics Developer: Samantha Rack
Coordinator, Baseball Analytics: Melissa Booker
Manager of Advance Scouting: Bo Thompson
Baseball Ops. Assistant & Spanish Translator: Julio Morillo/


Director of Professional Scouting: Rob Coughlin
Special Assistant to the GM, Player Personnel: Terry Reynolds
Special Assistant to the GM, Player Personnel: Cam Bonifay
Special Assistant to the General Manager: J Harrison
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Marty Maier
Special Assistant to the General Manager: John Morris
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Jeff Schugel
Professional Scout: Gary Glover
Professional Scout: Joe Jocketty
Professional Scout: Bruce Manno
Professional Scout: Mick Mattaliano
Professional Scout: Jeff Morris
Professional Scout: Steve Roadcap
Manager, Pacific Rim Scouting: Rob Fidler
Scout, Pacific Rim: Jamey Storvick


Director of Amateur Scouting: Brad Meador
Director of International Scouting: Trey Hendricks
Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting: Paul Pierson
Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting: Joe Katuska
Director of Latin American Scouting: Richard Jimenez
Assistant Director of International Scouting: Greg McMillin


Vice President of Player Development: Shawn Pender
Senior Director of Player Development: Eric Lee
Special Assistant, Player Performance: Eric Davis
Special Assistant to Player Development: Bill Doran
Special Assistant, Player Performance: Barry Larkin
Special Assistant, Player Performance: Mario Soto
Director of Minor League Athletic Training: Patrick Serbus
Director of Minor League Physical Therapy: Brad Epstein
Coordinator of Baseball Administration: Melissa Hill
Coordinator of Player Development: Mark Heil
Coordinator of Minor League Wellness: Becky Schnakenberg
Coordinator, Minor League Nutrition: Ashley Meuser
Medical Administrator: Erika Sperl
Player Development Assistant: Charlie Rodriguez
Field Coordinator: Chris Tremie
Hitting Coordinator: Milt Thompson
Pitching Coordinator: Tony Fossas
Latin American Field Coordinator: Joel Noboa
Roving Outfield/Baserunning Instructor: Billy Hatcher
Roving Catching Instructor: Corky Miller
Mental Skills Coach: Frank Pfister


Operations Manager: Mike Saverino
Operations Assistant: Branden Croteau
Minor League Equipment Manager: Jon Snyder
Minor League Clubhouse Assistant: John Bryk
Minor League Video Coordinator: Gary Hall


Senior Director, Team Travel: Gary Wahoff


Vice President of Media Relations: Rob Butcher
Director of Media Relations: Larry Herms
Director of Media Relations, Digital Content: Jamie Ramsey


Medical Director: Dr. Timothy Kremchek
Assistant Medical Director, Associate Team Physician: Dr. Angel Velazquez
Head Athletic Trainer, A.T.C./C.S.C.S.: Steve Baumann
Assistant Athletic Trainer, A.T.C.: Tomas Vera
Assistant Athletic Trainer, A.T.C.: Jimmy Mattocks
Director of Major League Strength and Conditioning, C.S.C.S./RSCC: Sean Marohn
Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning, C.S.C.S./RSCC: Zach Gjestvang


Senior Director, Clubhouse Operations: Rick Stowe
Visiting Clubhouse Manager: Josh Stewart
Reds Clubhouse Assistant: Mark Stowe


Ballpark Operations

Vice President of Ballpark Operations: Tim O'Connell


Senior Director of Ballpark Operations: Sean Brown
Director of Ballpark Administration: Colleen Rodenberg
Senior Manager of Guest and Event Operations: Jan Koshover
Ballpark Administrative Services Manager: Jen Clemens
Chief Engineer: Gary Goddard
Sr. Manager of Ballpark Maintenance: Matthew Keifling
Finish Carpenter: Robert Burkhart
Electrician: Richard Kleinwachter
Electrician: Daniel Korb
HVAC Technician: Chris Casarcia
HVAC Technician: Don Eichstadt
Sr. Maintenance Worker: Justin Faul
Maintenance Worker: Kyle Danbury
Ops QA/QC: Jon Phelps
Painter: Phil Stall
Plumber: Daniel Schmaltz
Ballpark Operations Coordinator: Chase Vogel
Shipping & Receiving Clerk: Geoffrey Joseph


Head Groundskeeper: Stephen Lord
Assistant Head Groundskeeper: Derrik Grubbs
Grounds Supervisor: Christo Wallace


Director of Public Safety & Security: John Cordova
Public Safety Officer: Dewitt Anderson
Public Safety Officer: John Brehm
Public Safety Officer: Kyle DeWine
Public Safety Officer: Michael Grote
Public Safety Officer: Chad Heintzelman
Public Safety Officer: Kenneth Lewis
Public Safety Officer: Richard Miller
Public Safety Officer: Jason Schwab
Public Safety Officer: Patrick Sponsler
Public Safety Officer: Vincent Steinwert
Public Safety Officer: Rich Toschlog
Public Safety Officer: Brenna Turner

Communications & Marketing

Vice President of Communications & Marketing: Ralph Mitchell


Director of Digital Media: Lisa Braun
Director of Marketing: Audra Sordyl
Director of Communications and Web Content: Jarrod Rollins
Public Relations Manager: Michael Anderson
Promotional Purchasing/Broadcasting Administrator: Lori Watt
Communications Manager: Brendan Hader
Social Media Manager: Chad Fischer


Director of Creative Operations: Jansen Dell
Creative Services Manager: Amy Calo
Senior Designer: Michael King
Graphic Designer: Sara Treash
Junior Graphic Designer: Brandon Cafferky

Promotional Events & Player Relations

Vice President of Promotional Events and Productions: Zach Bonkowski


Director of Promotional Events and Player Relations: Corey Hawthorne
Authentics Manager: Jim Myers
Promotional Events Manager: Kelsey Proctor
Promotional Events Manager: Nick St. Pierre
Promotional Events Coordinator: Kevin Fagin


Director of Productions: Jami Itiavkase
Productions Manager: Billy Johnson
Video Engineer - Technical Manager: Brent Vinson
Video Productions & Technical Specialist: Nick Prince
Motion Graphic Designer: Nicholas Wedige
Content Productions Specialist: Kaitlin Simcoe

Community Fund

Executive Director: Charley Frank
Assistant Director, Reds Community Fund: Matthew Wagner
Director, Youth Academy & Senior Outreach Manager: Jerome Wright
Assistant Director, Youth Academy: Jeremy Hamilton
Sponsorship and Events Manager: Sara Ingram
Sr. Outreach Manager: Colleen Cheek
Outreach Coordinator: Gabrielle Pape
Outreach Coordinator: Jorge Merlos
Fundraising & Operations Coordinator: Emily Egbers

Community Relations

Director of Community Relations: Lindsey Dingeldein
Diversity Relations Coordinator: Natalya Herndon

Corporate Partnerships

Vice President of Corporate Partnerships: Bill Reinberger
Director of Sponsorship Development: Dave Collins
Corporate Partnerships Manager: Dan Lewis
Corporate Partnerships Manager: Todd Richardson
Broadcast and Affiliates Manager: Joe Zerhusen
CRM Manager: Joanie Conkle
Senior Manager of Fulfillment: Erika Galiette
Corporate Account Services Manager: Jessica Jamison
Corporate Account Services Manager: Kelli Anne Louthan
Corporate Account Services Manager: Matt Pohlman
Digital Sales Manager: Jason Strine
Trafficking Coordinator: Brandon Bowman
Assistant to Corporate Partnerships: Denise Lockwood

Finance & Administration

Vice President of Finance, Controller: Bentley Viator


Accounting Manager: Jill Niemeyer
Senior Accountant: Cathy Brakers
Staff Accountant: Sherri Yerkes
Accounts Payable Clerk: Sydney Simpson
Accounting Clerk: Amanda Simpson


Director of Human Resources: Allison Stortz
Employee Relations Manager: Garry McGuire
Manager, Benefits and Wellness: Amy Ford
HR Business Partner: Zach Wollman


Director of Financial Reporting and Payroll: Leanna Weiss
Payroll Accountant: Ayanna Goddard

Information Technology & Business Analytics

Vice President of Technology: Brian Keys


Information Technology Manager: Keith Winchester
Systems Administrator: Chris Renner
Systems Support: Clinton Van Andel


Senior Business Analyst: Chris Calo
B1/Data Architect: Steven Wyant
Business Analyst: Mark Boone
Application Developer: Kristin Elliott
Business Marketing Developer: Paige Smith
Application Developer: Joe Enriquez

Ticket Sales & Service

Vice Pres. of Ticketing and Business Development: Aaron Eisel
Senior Director of Ticket Sales & Service: Mark Schueler


Director of Ticketing New Business: Patrick Montague
Director of Season Ticket Membership: Shelley Volpenhein
Season Sales Manager: Chris Herrell
Senior Account Executive, New Business Development: Blake Williams
Account Executive, New Business Development: Richy Velasquez
Account Executive, New Business Development: Jake Eby
Account Executive, New Business Development: Austin MacEachen
Senior Account Executive, Retention and Sales: Eric Keller
Account Executive, Retention and Sales: Jimmy Dollard
Account Executive, Retention and Sales: Angel Gonzalez
Account Executive, Retention and Sales: Logan Grapenthien
Account Executive, Retention and Sales: Tyler Wade


Director of Premium Sales & Service: Chris Bausano
Premium Sales Manager: Ryan Rizzo
Sr. Premium Service Executive: Megan Stuerenberg
Suites & Premium Service Executive: Allison Loos
Premium Service Executive: Craig Sample:
Premium Service Executive: Jacob Swartz
Premium Service Executive: Kevin Sympson


Director of Group Sales: Carmen Alberini
Group Account Executive: Cardell Carter
Group Account Executive: Aly Gruber
Group Account Executive: Maxx Sample
Group Account Executive: Mason Smith
Group Account Executive: Drew Whitaker


Senior Manager of Ticketing Strategy: Matthew Ollerdisse
CRM Analyst: Jon Myers
Digital Ticket and Membership Benefit Coordinator: Jami Aufderbeck


Director of Single Game Ticketing: Kristen Meyers
Single Game Ticketing Coordinator: Ryan Haynes
Single Game Ticketing Coordinator: Andre Elkins


Senior Manager of Special Event Sales & Operations: Vicki Volp
Manager of Special Event Operations: Terylle Austin
Special Events Sales & Event Coordinator: Tiffany Huffman
Event Services Coordinator: Christian Sharp


Consumer Clubs Manager: Kayla Umberg


Director of Customer Service: Craig Warman
Switchboard Operator: Anne Kirby
VIP Ticket Concierge: Frank Rosiello


Senior Director of Ticket Operations: Jacob Widerschein
Director of Ticket Operations: Todd Wuest
Senior Manager of Ticket Operations Events: Billy Byrnes
Senior Manager of Season Ticket Operations: Bev Bonavita
Senior Manager of Ticket Operations Customer Service: Catie Bock
Box Office Window and Parking Manager: Lance Bucher
Group Operations Manager: John Rieder
Ticket Operations Coordinator: Tyler Crowley
Ticket Operations Coordinator: Logan Paragin

Reds Hall Of Fame and Museum

Executive Director: Rick Walls
Operations Manager/Chief Curator: Chris Eckes
Marketing and Development Manager: Erin Chamberlain
Ticket Operations Manager: Mark Harlow
Education & Programming Manager: Ken Freeman
Membership Manager: Sherry Rowland
Visitor Services and Retail Manager: Christina Sprance