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The Official Site of the Cincinnati Reds
Rooters Organized to Stimulate Interest and Enthusiasm in the Cincinnati Reds

Mailing Address:
Rosie Reds 
P.O. Box 62558
Cincinnati, Ohio 45262-0558

Rosie Reds, Inc. is a philanthropic and social organization focused on supporting The Cincinnati Reds. The organization was formed in 1964 when there was talk of the National League franchise leaving Cincinnati. The name "Rosie" is an acronym for "Rooters Organized to Stimulate Interest and Enthusiasm" in the Cincinnati Reds.

The organization is limited to 3,000 members paying annual dues to support our philanthropic efforts. The Rosie Reds hold events, trips, raffles and receive donations that allow us to fund over $30,000 each year to the Powell Crosley Junior - Kid Glove Organization and the 9 area college baseball programs. The annual endowments to the colleges are provided to: University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Miami University Oxford, University of Dayton, Northern Kentucky University, Miami University Hamilton, Thomas More College, Wilmington College and the Mount Saint Joseph University. The Rosie Reds also encourage members to attend or donate tickets to the Kid Glove Games held at Great American Ball Park.

Renewals of $30 annual dues are payable starting in December each year. Membership for new members begins on January 1st each year. If there is a waiting list and as openings occur, the applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. Opening Day game packages and events are scheduled at the beginning of each year and members receive invitations via mail or email. Some benefits of being a Rosie Reds is being invited to exclusive RR only events as well as receiving two complimentary tickets, courtesy of The Reds, for the annual Guest of the Reds game.


  • Annual Meeting in January
  • Opening Day ticket purchase opportunity (quantity is limited)
  • Guest of the Reds Game with two complimentary tickets
  • Weekend Trip to other ballparks
  • Ins and Outs Tour, which features a special tour of the ballpark
  • Riverboat Cruise featuring former Reds players
  • Discounted prices for various games in all parts of GABP
  • FOX Sports Ohio Champions Club Night with discounted ticket prices
  • Endowment Game Day when college coaches receive our donation
  • Florence Freedom coordinated games

New members are welcome but there are limited spots available so be sure to renew in December or join January 1.

For Membership information, please contact:
Ms. Valerie Guthrie
Vice President and Membership Coordinator

For any other questions or concerns, please contact the Rosie Reds President
Ms. Dale Silver
Phone: 513-244-1063