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By selecting the Place Order button you agree to purchase the tickets you have selected. Your credit card will be charged and your purchase will be complete.

Children 3 years of age and younger do not require a ticket and may sit on the lap of a ticket holder.

Game time subject to change. No Refunds. No Exchanges.

Ticket holder assumes all risks incidental to the game of baseball, including, but not limited to, the risk of objects leaving the field of play, including bats and bat fragments, and thrown or batted balls. For information regarding netting or screening that is located in front of certain seating sections, please click here.

If you purchase tickets, you may receive customer service messages via email from the Cincinnati Reds, including optional surveys regarding your Great American Ball Park experience.

Click here for more Reds ballpark and seating policies information.

The Cincinnati Reds reserve the right to decline, reject, and/or cancel any purchase or purchaser for any reason in the Reds' sole discretion, including but not limited to, purchases not made in accordance with the Reds' applicable ticket sales policies, the terms and conditions applicable to ticket packages and ticket purchases of certain types, and the terms and conditions printed on the back of each ticket. The Cincinnati Reds also reserve the right to cancel any ticket or ticket package purchase and refund the purchase price paid for any violation of any Reds ticket sales policy, term, or condition, as determined in the Reds' sole reasonable discretion. The Cincinnati Reds also reserve the right not to sell to, and to cancel any purchase made by, individuals or companies whose intent is to resell more than 25% of purchased tickets, and the purchase of tickets by an individual or company with such intent shall require the express written consent of the Cincinnati Reds as provided by a Ticket Sales executive at the Vice President level or higher.

To view the complete Terms and Conditions please click here .

New Bag Policy at GABP

To enhance ballpark security and expedite the screening process, backpacks will no longer be allowed into Great American Ball Park. Acceptable items include purses, medical bags, diaper bags, briefcases, drawstring bags and Reds Heads Kids Club bags along with small soft-sided coolers that do not exceed the 16” x 16” x 8” MLB size requirement.