Jerseys Off Their Backs Raffle

Jerseys Off Their Backs

Raffle Winners
Player Name
Winning Number
Andrus #1A-5659977
Grifol #5 A-7509321
Anderson #7A-3840462
Frazier #15A-6634911
Kelly #17A-1678544
Benintendi #23A-3290874
Grandal #24A-5715508
Vaughn #25A-8517197
Giolito #27A-2861135
Remillard #28A-2611557
Burger #30A-4387193
Sheets #32A-4310985
Lynn #33A-9259504
Kopech #34A-2874496
Bummer #39A-9101051
Lopez #40A-4649366
Zavala #44A-7308930
Toussaint #47A-7909812
Graveman #49A-5130666
Rodriguez #55A-9708184
Banks #57A-2999637
Santos #60A-3778945
Scholtens #62A-2955658
Jimenez #74A-8754250
Cease #84A-4384868
Robert Jr. #88A-9381696
Middleton #99A-8512403


Can I purchase multiple raffle tickets for multiple players or manager?

Yes, however, you must complete two separate transactions. For example, if you are interested in Player A and Player B, you must complete one transaction for Player A, and then another transaction for Player B.

The site isn’t working for me.

Make sure you location services are activated so that we can confirm you are in Illinois when purchasing tickets. To find your location settings, go to your phone settings.

I live outside of Illinois – why can’t I participate?

We would love for you to! Unfortunately, state raffle laws only allow us to sell to those who are in Illinois.

When will I be notified if I win?

You will be notified no later than the end of day on Saturday, June 24, 2023.

How many raffle tickets will be sold?

There will be an unlimited amount of raffle tickets sold.

Will I be able to go on the field if I win a jersey this year?

Yes! The winners will receive their jersey on-field at the conclusion of the game on June 25, 2023!

I won – how do I get my jersey?

The winners will be notified by email and will have until 10 a.m. on Sunday, June 25 to notify Chicago White Sox Charities to confirm their participation in the on-field giveaway. If a winner (or their guest) is unable to attend the game on June 25, the jersey will be mailed to the winner. Winners will be offered two lower box tickets to the June 25, 2023 game.

When can I purchase tickets?

Sales will begin on Sunday, June 18, 2023 at 10 a.m. CT and end on Saturday, June 24, 2023 at 6 p.m. CT.

Official Rules

By participating, entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and by the decisions of Sponsor, which shall be binding and final as to all matters related to the White Sox sponsored raffle for jerseys as described below (the “”). The Raffle is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws.

SPONSOR: Chicago White Sox Charities, 333 W. 35th Street, Chicago, IL 60616 (“Sponsor”).

NET PROCEEDS: All net proceeds of the Raffle will benefit Sponsor, a 501(c) (3) charity, and the programs that Sponsor supports. Programs include, but are not limited to, cancer research and treatment programs, youth education, health and wellness initiatives, and programs for families and individuals in crisis.

ELIGIBILITY TO ENTER: During the Entry Period specified below, Raffle tickets may be purchased on the Internet, or in person at Guaranteed Rate Field by following the instructions at Raffle tickets may be purchased ONLY BY PERSONS WHO ARE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. Internet sales of Raffle tickets are open ONLY TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF ILLINOIS. This Raffle is VOID OUTSIDE ILLINOIS AND WHEREVER PROHIBITED BY LAW.

The following persons are NOT ELIGIBLE to participate in the Raffle or to win any Prize: Employees, officers, directors, shareholders, partners, agents of Chicago White Sox Charities, the Chicago White Sox, Ltd., the other MLB Entities (defined below), At Your Service, Inc., Roclab Athletic Instruction, LLC, Silver Chalice Ventures, LLC, Illinois Sports Facilities Authority, the Raffle ticket fulfillment house, and the printer of the Raffle tickets, and any parent, subsidiary, affiliated entity, partially owned entity, contractor, consultants, advertising agencies, promotion agencies (collectively, the "Ineligible Parties") and immediate family members of any Ineligible Party. "Immediate family members" means spouses, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, and siblings (and any of their respective spouses) of an Ineligible Party. “MLB Entities” means the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball (“BOC”), its Bureaus, Committees, Subcommittees and Councils, the Major League Baseball Clubs (“Clubs”), MLB Advanced Media, L.P. (“MLB”), Major League Baseball Properties, Inc., The MLB Network, LLC, each of their parent, subsidiary, affiliated and related entities, any entity which, now or in the future, controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with the Clubs or the BOC and the owners, general and limited partners, shareholders, directors, officers, employees and agents of the foregoing entities.

PURCHASING RAFFLE ENTRIES: Raffle tickets may be purchased for one (1) ticket for ten dollars ($10.00) or five (5) tickets for twenty-five dollars ($25), by eligible persons (see "ELIGIBILITY TO ENTER" above) from 10:00 a.m. Central Time ("CT") on June 18, 2023 ("Start Date"), through 6:00 p.m. CT on June 24, 2023 (the "End Date") and the period referred to as the "Entry Period.” At the time of purchase the customer will select which game-used throwback jersey they are submitting raffle tickets for (“Selected Jersey”). Only one player can be selected per transaction. Multiple transactions can be made to enter to win multiple players jerseys.

There are two (2) ways to purchase Raffle tickets (each ticket, an "Entry") during the Entry Period: On or after Start Date through the End Date, on the Internet, by visiting and following the directions to purchase a Raffle ticket. Credit cards must be used to pay for online ticket purchases and residency status within the State of Illinois for eligibility purposes will be determined by the address assigned to such credit card.


(2) tickets may be purchased in person at Guaranteed Rate Field (333 W. 35th Street, Chicago, Illinois) during the home games from June 19, 2023 until June 24, 2023, at designated sales locations inside Guaranteed Rate Field, from 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game through the end of the seventh inning.

Sale of Raffle Tickets may be suspended or stopped at any time at the sole discretion of Sponsor.

The Internal Revenue Service takes the position that no portion of the Raffle ticket price will qualify as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.

TICKETS PURCHASED ONLINE AT WHITESOX.COM: Tickets purchased online at may not be given away or otherwise transferred. To be valid, an Entry purchased on the Internet must be downloaded from the website at and printed by the entrant at the time of purchase. The purchaser of the online Raffle tickets, as determined by credit card purchase records, will be considered the lawful owner of the online raffle ticket. The Raffle is being conducted pursuant to a raffle license issued to Sponsor by the City of Chicago and online purchasers must be residents of the State of Illinois, as determined by the address assigned to the purchaser's credit card used to purchase such Raffle tickets. Purchasers of Raffle tickets on may not re-sell their Raffle tickets to other parties and may not knowingly give such Raffle tickets away to others for the purpose of allowing those other parties to re-sell such Raffle tickets. All Raffle tickets which have been resold in violation of these Official Rules may be voided at the discretion of Sponsor. All individuals who re-sell Raffle tickets in violation of these Official Rules may be ineligible to participate in the Raffle or to win any Prize at the discretion of Sponsor.

VALIDITY AND ELIGIBILITY OF ENTRIES: Sponsor shall be the sole judge of the validity and eligibility of all Entries. Entries generated by script, macro or other automated or mechanical means are void. Entries which have been or appear to be tampered with are void. All Entry purchases shall be final, and no refunds or replacements will be issued by Sponsor. All Raffle Entries must be purchased no later than 6:00 p.m. CT on the End Date.

DRAWINGS FROM ENTRIES: On Saturday, June 24, 2023 at the conclusion of sales ("Drawing Date"), Sponsor shall conduct a random drawing (a “Drawing”) to randomly select twenty-seven (27) potential prize winners from among all eligible Entries received (a “Drawing Date Deadline”). Subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with the terms of these Official Rules, the potential winners will be declared the official winners of the Raffle (each an “” and collectively, the “Official Winners”). Odds of winning depend on the total number of eligible Entries received for each Selected Jersey as of the Drawing Date Deadline as described above.

Drawing will be held on June 24, 2023 after 6:00 p.m. CT. The 27 winning ticket numbers will be displayed on as soon as practical after the applicable Drawing Date. The owners of the winning Raffle ticket numbers will have until 10:00 a.m. CT on June 25, 2023, to claim their jersey.

PRIZES: Each Official Winner will receive one (1) Game-Used Throwback Jersey (based on the Selected Jersey in their Entry) Chicago White Sox Charities has the discretion to substitute a jersey in the event of a player transaction. Official Winners will have the opportunity to receive the jersey from the player following the June 25, 2023 game. Player participation is subject to availability. Official Winners will receive two lower box tickets for winner and one guest to attend the June 25, 2023 game. If an Official Winner is not able to attend the designated game, they are able to designate someone to attend the game for them or the jersey will be mailed to the Official Winner.

The Prizes are awarded "AS IS," and Sponsor and the Released Parties (defined herein) expressly disclaim any warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, relating to the Prize in any way. Winner may not substitute, assign or transfer the Prize or redeem the Prize for cash. Official Winners will be responsible for all applicable federal, state and local income taxes.

Prize Details: The depiction of the Prizes in any advertising or promotional materials may not reflect the actual Prize delivered to the Official Winner.

Use of any Major League Baseball game/event/exhibition ticket is subject to the standard terms, conditions, and health and safety policies applicable to the ticket; see for details. Seat locations at the game/event/exhibition and, unless otherwise stated in the applicable prize description, exact game/event/exhibition date shall be determined in the sole discretion of Sponsor. Each winner’s guest(s) must be of legal age of majority in his/her(their) jurisdiction(s) of residence unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Major League Baseball game/event/exhibition dates and times are determined in the sole discretion of the BOC and/or the applicable Club and may be subject to change. The terms and conditions of the tickets awarded as part of any prize will govern in the event a legal game/event/exhibition, as defined by Major League Baseball, is not played or held due to weather conditions, an act of God, an act of terrorism, civil disturbance, or any other reason. Each winner and his/her guest(s) agree to comply with all applicable ballpark and venue regulations in connection with the prize; see for details. Sponsor and the MLB Entities reserve the right to remove or to deny entry to any winner and/or his/her guest(s) who engage in a non-sportsmanlike or disruptive manner or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any other person at the game/event/exhibition. Released Parties (as defined below) will not be responsible for weather conditions; acts of God; acts of terrorism; civil disturbances; local, state, or federal regulation, order, or policy; work stoppage; epidemic, pandemic, or any other issue concerning public health or safety; or any other event outside of their control that may cause the cancellation or postponement of any Major League Baseball game/event/exhibition. Major League Baseball game/event/exhibition tickets awarded as prizes may not be resold, offered for resale, or used for any commercial or promotional purpose whatsoever. Any such resale or commercial or promotional use may result in disqualification and prize forfeiture, and may invalidate the license granted by the game/event/exhibition ticket.

NOTIFICATION OF POTENTIAL WINNERS: Owners of eligible Entries need not be present in person on the Drawing Date to win. Sponsor will endeavor to contact the purchaser-of-record of the winning Entries ("Potential Winners") by mail, phone or email immediately after the Drawing, to notify such person that he/she is the Potential Winner, but only if and to the extent that Sponsor can successfully identify and contact such Potential Winner based on the identifying and contact information supplied by the purchasers of the Entry in question.

DETERMINATION OF OFFICIAL WINNERS: Sponsor shall have the sole discretion to determine whether the Potential Winners are the Official Winners. Sponsor's decision concerning the identity of an Official Winners shall be final and binding. To become an Official Winner; (1) a Potential Winner must be eligible to participate in the Raffle under these Official Rules and must not be in violation of these Official Rules as determined in Sponsor's sole judgment; and (2) that Potential Winner's winning Entry must be inspected and verified by Sponsor.

Sponsor shall use the following rules to determine the identity of any Potential Winners and of the Official Winner: (1) in the case of a Raffle ticket that was purchased at Sponsor shall conclusively presume that the purchaser of that ticket, as determined by credit-card purchase records, is the lawful owner of that Raffle ticket and such purchaser resides at the billing address of record. In the unlikely event that an error or problem in the administration of the Raffle results in two (2) Raffle ticket purchasers holding winning Raffle tickets that contain identical ticket numbers, then the person who has record of the earliest ticket purchase shall be deemed to hold the winning Entry.

AWARD OF PRIZES TO OFFICIAL WINNERS: The Prizes will be awarded to the applicable Official Winners and presented to the applicable Official Winners at Guaranteed Rate Field on June 25, 2023. Such Official Winners can accept their prizes in person or may be shipped their prizes no later than one (1) week after the Prizes being claimed. The Official Winners shall be solely responsible for their own transportation and other travel costs and lodging associated with their attendance at the presentation of the Prizes.

TAXES: All federal, state and local income taxes are the sole responsibility of the Official Winners. No taxes will be charged to the Official Winner. The taxable value of the Prize will be treated as ordinary income to the Official Winner for federal and state income tax purposes, and each Official Winner will be required by law to pre-pay a portion of the tax liability incurred in connection with his/her receipt of the applicable Prize before receiving his/her Prize from Sponsor.

GENERAL CONDITIONS: The Released Parties (defined below under "RELEASE OF LIABILITY") are not responsible for (1) Entries which are stolen, lost, damaged, illegible, given away or no longer in the purchaser's possession, (2) Entries that have been or may have been tampered with or re-sold in violation of these Official Rules; (3) Entries, payments for Entries or any other Raffle-related communications which are lost, late, incomplete, inaccurate, delayed, misdirected, undelivered, not fully captured, or garbled as a result of any failure or problem whatsoever with the availability, functionality, operability or use of any network, server, ISP, website, Internet connection, computer, telephone, cable or satellite modem or connection, hand-held mobile device or any other computer equipment or connection, whether or not caused by site users, tampering, hacking, or by viruses, worms, or malfunctions affecting a network, server, ISP or any equipment or programming used in or associated with the Raffle; (4) the inability of a purchaser or prospective purchaser of an Entry to connect or stay connected to the Internet, to log on to any website, or to participate in or complete any online communication or activity related to the Raffle; (5) any other errors of any kind, whether human, typographical, printing, mechanical, or electronic in nature, which relate to or are connected with the Raffle (collectively, as described in clauses (1) through (5), "Errors"), including without limitation, Errors in Raffle-related materials or in the administration of the Raffle, such as Errors in processing Entries, identifying Potential Winner, determining Official Winner, or announcing or delivering the Prize; or (6) any injury or damage to any person's computer or mobile device equipment related to or resulting from participation in this Raffle, the use of any website associated with the Raffle, or the downloading of any materials from such website(s). Anyone who tampers with or abuses any aspect of the Raffle or associated website, as determined in Sponsor's sole judgment, will be disqualified from participation in the Raffle and if applicable, will be deemed to have forfeited all claims to any Prize. If any portion of the Raffle is compromised, in Sponsor's sole judgment, by a virus, worm, bug, non-authorized human intervention or other causes which, in Sponsor's sole judgment, corrupt or impair the administration, security, fairness or proper play of the Raffle, or the proper submission or capture of Entries (collectively, a "Compromising Event"), then Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend, modify or terminate the Raffle, and to select the Potential Winner from among all eligible, non-suspect Entries received before the known occurrence or discovery of such Compromising Event.

As a condition of entering this Raffle, each entrant agrees that (i) any and all disputes, claims, controversies or causes of action arising out of or relating to this Raffle, or the Prize awarded (each, a "Claim"), shall not be consolidated or joined with or in any other proceeding involving a Claim of any other party; and (ii) under no circumstance will entrant be permitted to obtain awards for, and entrant hereby waives all rights to claim, punitive, incidental, consequential or any other damages, other than for actual out-of-pocket expenses.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Entrants, by participating in the Raffle, agree that Chicago White Sox Charities, Chicago White Sox, Ltd., the other MLB Entities, Chisox Corporation and each of their respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, owners, partners, and advertising and promotion agencies, and all of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, shareholders, members, consultants and agents (collectively, the "Released Parties") will have no liability whatsoever for, and shall be held harmless by entrants against, any liability for injuries, losses, costs, expenses or damages of any kind, including damages for death, personal injury, property damage or property loss, resulting from, whether in whole or in part or directly or indirectly, participation in this Raffle or the acceptance, possession, misuse or use of any Entry or Prize.

PUBLICITY RELEASE: The Official Winners, by accepting his/her Prize, grants Sponsor and Sponsor's designees and affiliates, including Chicago White Sox, Ltd., full permission, except where legally prohibited, to use that Official Winner's name, address (city and state only), photograph, voice and/or other likeness and prize information for advertising, trade and promotional purposes without further compensation and without notice, review or approval, in all media now known or hereafter discovered, worldwide, and on the Internet and world wide web, in perpetuity.

COPYRIGHT: All Raffle materials are copyrighted by Sponsor, and may not be copied, reproduced or used for any purpose without Sponsor's express prior written consent.

GOVERNING LAW; SEVERABILITY: The Raffle and these Official Rules shall be subject to and governed by the laws of the State of Illinois. If a court of competent jurisdiction finds that any provision of these Official Rules, or their application to a particular persons or circumstances, is invalid or unenforceable to any extent, then the remainder of these Official Rules, and the application of all of these Official Rules to other persons or circumstances, shall not be affected by that determination, and shall remain enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.