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Grant Process

Mission Statement

Chicago White Sox Charities (CWSC) provides annual financial, in-kind and emotional support to hundreds of Chicago-based organizations, including those leading the fight against cancer, dedicated to improving the lives of Chicago's youth through education and health and wellness programs, and offering support to children and families in crisis. With the generous support of White Sox fans, friends and sponsors, CWSC has donated millions of dollars since its inception in 1990, striving to improve the quality of life for Chicagoans of all ages, races and genders. To the Chicago White Sox, winning goes beyond the baseball diamond into the community. The White Sox and CWSC want to inspire, educate and embrace Chicago to create a lasting legacy for future generations.

Chicago White Sox Charities funds the White Sox Community Fund (WSCF), a McCormick Foundation Fund. Through the WSCF, Chicago-based agencies that provide critically important services to our community's underserved and marginalized residents are supported by the Chicago White Sox and the McCormick Foundation.

Program Guidelines

Primary Interests

  • Youth Education programs: Academic enhancement programs for at-risk students and programs that support high scholastic achievement, completion of high school and entrance into post-secondary education programs. This includes recreation programs that tie participation to academics and track scholastic success.
  • Health and Wellness programs: Healthy lifestyle programs for at-risk youth, youth athletic programs that emphasize health and wellness, and nutrition and medical programs for low-income children and families.
  • Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment programs: Intervention and resource delivery programs for children and families experiencing abuse and neglect. The category supports child, youth and family counseling, family support and home-visiting services.
  • Cancer Research and Treatment programs: Innovative medical research studies and invaluable support services for children and families affected by cancer.

Geographic Priority

  • Greater Chicago metropolitan region

Application Guidelines

Applications for the 2017 grant season have already been submitted. If you would like to be invited to submit an LOI for the 2018 season or have any general questions regarding Chicago White Sox Charities and the grant process, please email