Statement by Rick Hahn

August 23rd, 2023

“I will forever be indebted to Jerry Reinsdorf and Kenny Williams for giving me the opportunity almost 23 years ago to realize my dream of working for a Major League team.

“Their faith, support and mentoring allowed me to grow both as an executive and as a person while with the White Sox, and I look forward to our continued friendship for many years to come.

“Additionally, I cannot thank enough the gifted coaches, scouts, analysts, sports performance professionals, and front office staff for their tireless work and dedication to the Club. Because of them, I firmly believe that many vital ingredients of a championship team are in that clubhouse and within the minor league system.

“I am truly humbled by the many friends, colleagues and members of the extended baseball family who have taken the time to offer their kind words, support and humor. I promise to get back to each of you individually at some point soon and look forward to working with many of you again in the future.

“In the meantime, I will be rooting for the Sox to win that next championship soon -- as loyal White Sox fans deserve nothing less.”